League of Legends Guide: Surviving The Harrowing

League of Legends releases The Harrowing. A new game mode, new skins, and re-release of old skins to celebrate Halloween.

League of Legends releases The Harrowing. A new game mode, new skins, and re-release of old skins to celebrate Halloween.

Riot’s Halloween event for League of Legends is in full swing.

This year you can look forward to more than just new skins, but a new experience custom tailored for the holiday. As a black mist travels across the sea that corrupts the land, League of Legends isn’t just left with a new story, but many other goodies for the holiday.

Hexakill Twisted Treeline

This is the biggest addition to League of Legends for The Harrowing and will only be around for a limited time. This new game mode is simple, they took the Twisted Treeline map, buffed the shrines, increased gold given to players, and changed the player count from 3v3 matches to 6v6. This creates a situation of constant action across the map and allows you to always have something to do outside of killing minions.

Three new summoner icons

You have a limited opportunity to collect three new icons added for The Harrowing. The left is Mark of the Betrayer, to obtain this icon you must win three games in the new Hexakill Twisted Treeline game mode. The middle icon is Harrowed Puppet, to obtain this you must give a friend a gift of any kind before The Harrowing is over. Lastly, the right icon is the Shadow Isles Crest. You can obtain this icon now for the in-game currency of 1500 IP. However, after the event the icon will cost 250 RP, which will set you back about $2.00

Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong

This year’s new Halloween skins are for LeBlanc and Wukong. Both characters have an undead feel with light blue and emerald-green tones. Underworld Wukong will run you 1350 RP, which is about $10.00. Ravenwood LeBlanc costs only 975 RP, or about $7.50. However you have to act fast as both skins will enter the Legacy Vault on November 4th.

Harrowing legacy skins return from the vault.

Along with the two new skins, Riot is has released every previous Halloween skin again for a limited time. This is also not limited to champions, as ward skins have also made a comeback. You can buy these champion skins individually or in new bundles. Each bundle of old Halloween skins is bundled by year, by purchasing them in bundles you will save 20% off the price and unlock the champions you don’t own for the skins being purchased.

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