League of Legends NA Challenger Series starts TODAY

All the information you need to know about the LoL NA Challenger Series Semifinals.

All the information you need to know about the LoL NA Challenger Series Semifinals.

Get ready for some intense matches this week because LoL eSports is hosting the NA Challenger Series Semifinals. The 2-day event will show 4 teams fighting for a chance to compete in the NA LCS. Matches start March 8th at 8:00pm, and will pick up again at the same time on March 9th. Scheduled for day 1 is Team Dragon Knight vs Ember, while day 2 you can watch Apex vs Team Liquid Academy. The matches will be single elimination, best of 5, so teams only get one chance to make it the Finals. 

Instead of battling over a prize pool, teams will be competing for a spot in the NA LCS. 

The Challenger Series (CS) is the birthplace of future eSports champions in North America and Europe. As the only path for players to join the premier LCS, competition in the CS is fierce

LCS is the one of the most important events in LoL eSports. All the professional LoL teams from NA and EU compete in LCS for money, prestige, and a chance to go to Worlds. Only two teams from the the Challenger Series can earn a spot at LCS, so expect heated competition.

You can watch the matches over at LoL Esports’ live steam

As for match predictions, I think Apex and Ember will be the teams most likely to advance to the Finals. Apex has shown an incredible performance so far by having a 80% win rate, and topping the tournament’s score board. Plus the team has ex-TSM member, Xpecial, on support. Having an LCS veteran with professional experience on the team is incredibly valuable. Here is quick highlight video that shows both teams in action

Want to show some support for your favorite team?

You can vote over at LoL Esports on who you think will win, or by tweeting #TDKWIN or #MBRWIN.

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