League of Legends pro bows out with a teary goodbye

Dyrus, TSM's Top Laner, retires from the League of Legends Pro scene. He will be greatly missed.

League of Legends is one of the biggest games in eSports history. Not many people can say that they’ve been there since the early years of eSports, but this top laner for one of the best NA League of Legends teams in history can.

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A faithful player since the beta, Dyrus was pretty well known for his Jax, Singed, and Mordekaiser gameplay in his early years. When he first came onto the competitive scene, he actually played support for one of League of Legends‘ first eSports teams, All or Nothing.

As years went by, he moved from All or Nothing to Epik Gamer, then from Epik Gamer to TSM. He as gained a huge following in NA, becoming one of the most famous players in the League.

“I have nothing but my respect and my thanks for everyone.” -Dyrus, 2015

Dyrus stated earlier in the season that this would be his last season in the LCS, and the time has finally come to say goodbye to our favorite top laner.

When TSM lost their final game on the Worlds Stage for this season, Dyrus came up to the stage for an emotional interview for all the world to see. He tries to blame himself for his team’s downfall at Worlds, but he’s quickly reassured by thousands of people behind him screaming “We love you Dyrus!”

He says that “its time to open a new book”, whatever that may be. And we cannot wait to see what Dyrus does. I am sure that his following will not diminish. What he said at Worlds will never be forgotten.

We really do love you, Dyrus. And we’ll miss you.

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