League of Legends Servers Now Live in Latin America

League of Legends invades Latin America!

League of Legends invades Latin America!

Bienvenido a LaTeemo America…um, I mean, Latin America!

Riot has just announced that the Latin America servers are now live and available for account transfers. Latin American summoners who are currently playing on LoL accounts on servers in NA, EUW, and BR are invited to join one of two servers – North or South. The option of two servers will provide Latin American players a way to experience improved connections depending on their location.

Plus, the best part of all: it’s free!

That’s right! Transfers to either Latin American server will cost 0 RP!

As an added bonus, (and for a limited time only), transfers to the new servers will also receive the following rewards:

  • An original Morgana skin commemorating the launch of the League of Legends Latin America: La Llorona

  • An exclusive Summoner Icon
  • An 800 RP gift for accounts that have already been created before today
  • All champions available for a limited time 

Transferring an account is simple and can be completed in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to the Store

Log into your LoL account and locate the “Other” tab within the Store. You will be able to view the two “free” Latin America server options: Latin America North (LAN) & Latin America South (LAS).

2. Choose Your Server

Select your server of choice corresponding to the recommended region (indicated by the blue highlighted countries). Each server is composed of the following countries:

Latin America North: Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

Latin America South: Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

3. Follow the Instructions to Transfer

After selecting your server, you will be prompted by a screen summarizing the transfer destination, your account balance (remember, it’s free), and terms of the transfer. You might need to change your summoner name if it’s already taken or contains an invalid special character.

Once everything is ready, the dancing Katarina animation will indicate that the transfer is being processed!

Once complete, you’ll be ready to go a round or two (or 20) in the Howling Abyss on your new server!

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