League of Legends: Sivir After Ver. 3.13 Patch

Sivir changes, complete with a new look. How long until Sivir get's nerfed back down? Here is my breakdown of the changes and a few post patch tips.

For those that don’t know, League of Legends launched patch 3.13 today. There were a lot of big changes introduced, but I just want to focus on Sivir. Sivir was an average AD Carry or as they’re called now Marksmen. A skilled player could hold their own using this champion. However post update Sivir just dominates her lane.

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The Changes:

The Visual:

First major change is Sivir’s visual update. I feel Sivir’s new base model look is superior to her optional skins. I will no longer be using skins on Sivir with this new visual update. The image in the header is her new look.

This is the only other Sivir image that I think even comes close to the new look and it’s not even a currently available skin.

The Skills:

The only skill not changed is Sivir’s Boomerang Blade. It still goes in a straight line and returns to Sivir wherever she moves to. Sivir however did lose attack speed gained per level. Previously she received 3.28 per level now it’s 1.6.


Ricochet now has a three charge system. Once used the next three basic attacks within the time limit will bounce through an unlimited number of enemies. Instead of bouncing to random targets it now moves from target to target based on the distance. However Ricochet will still only hit the same target once per basic attack. The damage dealt to secondary targets is now a percentage based on the skill level starting at 50% and ending at 70%.

Here is some more cool Sivir artwork.

I suggest using Ricochet while attacking the tower. Pop Ricochet as a minion wave gets near the tower and you can clear the entire wave in a full three-part Ricochet. If you do this you will never lose downtime on the tower as long as you initially approached with a full group of allied minions.

Spell Shield:

Spell shield really plays no different then it used to. Now the only difference is it costs no mana and gives less mana back. The current rate of mana return is now based on skill level starting at 60 and ending at 120. Other than that it works the as it always has.

On The Hunt:

There are two huge changes to Sivir’s ultimate ability. One change is a positive and the other is a negative. First the positive, there is no longer a cast time, On The Hunt is now instant. Now for the negative, On The Hunt no longer gives attack speed, it’s is purely a movement speed buff now. It’s great to pick that kill off when the enemy thinks they got away, but in team fights you’re gonna notice the loss.

Other than that there are a few minor adjustments as well. I guess the first isn’t really minor considering how it works. On The Hunt grants a passive while Ricochet is active increasing Sivir’s attack speed by 40/60/80%. Secondly the movement speed starts at 60% and drops to 20% after 4 seconds. The final change is an altered cooldown timer, it is now a 120/90/60 second cooldown instead of 100/90/80.

When Sivir’s on the hunt no one is safe!

How I think Sivir’s play will be effected:

A lot of people I saw playing Sivir before the patch would just hang back and use Boomerang Blade. Now unless there are only one or two targets, Ricochet is the more efficient attack method. In standard games once you push to the first enemy turret in your lane there should be no down time from attacking the turret.

While attacking the turret you can use Ricochet to clear the minion waves before they even get to you. This was impossible before 3.13 due to the restrictions the skill had on it including a target cap. Mana Shield will just be a use as needed thing now since it no longer costs mana to activate.

On the Hunt should be saved to pick up the Ace when the enemy is barely out of reach. You can also use it as a disengage  That’s pretty much it, I really think Sivir will get reworked again soon. She’s just too overpowered now that she can stay on the turrets and still get her minion farm in.

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