In one of its trademark elaborate teasers, Riot has announced the PROJECT skin line with five champs getting a futuristic make-over.

League of Legends teases its latest PROJECT – new skins incoming

In one of its trademark elaborate teasers, Riot has announced the PROJECT skin line with five champs getting a futuristic make-over.
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A couple days ago, the League of Legends Facebook page posted an image of Yasuo’s PROJECT skin – with a mildly creepy expression – and a link to this promo page.  

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The promo site had six clickable nodes, one of which led to an overview of PROJECT Yasuo, while the rest detailed the trademark weapons of five other champions redone with a heavy “Metal Gear Solid” influence of advanced sci-fi technology.

  • Leona’s sword and shield
  • Lucian’s guns
  • Zed’s blades
  • Fiora’s sword

Surrounding the center nodes were short pieces of hover text labeled “memory traces” – again with one for Yasuo and five more clearly referencing other champions.

There was some initial debate over which champions the traces were about but with the lastest update to the PROJECT teaser page as well as the PBE cycle, these theories have been laid to rest.

  • “Brilliance in pieces, shrouded in ethereal flame. Protector, light bringer. Lone voice. Stand and Fight. In death heavy fields, now still she stands, light washes over…” A female champion with a strong light theme.  The evidence favors Leona in this case, as one of her quotes, “Stand and fight”, is used (Yasuo’s also used a quotes of his – “death is like the wind…always by my side”).  “Protector” and the general tone also lean towards a tank.
  • “Piercing flame, he, cast in light. I see his vision, free from shadow, a blazing melody. Beyond the light, nothing, purity bound in fury…”  Another light theme – popular opinion says Lucian.  “Piercing flame” could reference his Q, “Piercing Light.”  Also, “purity bound in fury” as an extremely angry guy with the title of “The Purifier” he fits the bill pretty well.
  • “Dark sight, shadows marked, death lives beside. Silencer, he follows. The shadow is within. Blood soaked, he stands. Vanish…” An assassin who uses shadows – that, along with the “shadows marked” phrase points only to Zed.
  • “Weaves, unweaves; unraveled defense, dashing forward blade gleaming. Caught orbiting one vision, dashing, striking, blade dancing…”  “Dancing blade” screams Fiora as the owner of the “Pulse Sabre.”

Fiora and Zed have been confirmed in the PBE shop but no new assets for the skins have been seen yet.

So what do you think of the choice for Yasuo’s new PROJECT colleagues?  Is there a particular champion you would like to see done over in orange and black?  Let us know in the comments!

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