Worlds’ Quarter Finals have come to an end—are you ready to meet your Final Four?

League of Legends World Championship Season 6: Quarter Finals

Worlds’ Quarter Finals have come to an end—are you ready to meet your Final Four?

If you are behind on Worlds coverage, check out the previous articles discussing results from the Group Stage to see how each Quarter Final team earned their place. (Group A, Group C, Group D, and Group B.)

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Greetings, Summoners, from the Fields of Valoran! The latest round of Worlds saw the top eight teams from around the world hit the Rift in the Quarter Finals; teams paired up in Best-of-Five Knockout sets. Samsung Galaxy took on Cloud9. Reigning champs SKTelecom T1 went against Royal Never Give Up. ROX Tigers faced off with Edward Gaming. Wildcards Albus Nox Luna took on H2K. So, who went home? Who made it to Semis? Read on to find out!

Samsung Galaxy vs Cloud9

Game 1

C9 Soothie and Meteos made a move to gank SSG Crown in mid, but a miscommunication led to an epic backfire as Crown took down Smoothie in the 1-on-3 for First Blood.

SSG also punished C9 by taking the first Ocean Drake of the game. Jensen put C9 on the Kill Counter when his Orianna went against SSG Crown 1-on-1 and came out on top. It was a game of missteps for C9 and epic outplays for SSG. At 20 minutes in, another fight sparked that resulted in an Ace and an 8K Gold lead for SSG.

While C9 worked to respawn, SSG made a move for Baron Nashor. C9 Smoothie came to toss down a ward, only to reveal the team in the Pit. Smoothie’s Alistar wasn’t able to work a steal, so SSG came for C9 over the wall with Buff intact. SSG made a push for base 25 minutes in, getting as far as taking down the nexus turrets, but C9 put up a tenacious defense, chasing SSG away with a few hundred hit points left on their Nexus. SSG quickly mounted another offensive, pushing through and taking down C9 for victory #1

Game 2

For the second game of the night, the two teams started off dancing and jousting. They exchanged damage for a while, getting just down to the last few hit points before someone would retreat. At 10:30, C9 made a move for Drake. While meteos worked on the pit, his teammates kept SSG away to score Ocean Drake before anyone took First Blood. At the 17 mark, C9 made yet another move and grabbed the second Ocean Drake. Finally, at 18 minutes, SSG Ruler pushed forward in bottom lane, flashing through C9 Smoothie Nami’s Tidal Wave to take down C9 Sneaky for First Blood.

C9 jumped back into the Gold lead by claiming the first turret, with SSG just behind them. C9 moved for Infernal Drake just before 24, but SSG was ready for them this time. SSG Ambition lived up to his username by cinching the steal with Skarner. The teams met outside the Baron Pit, with SSG coming out full force with stacked ults, claiming a Double Kill for SSG Crown’s Orianna and a 4-man loss for C9 before moving on to claim the first Baron Nashor.

SSG started pushing bottom at the 31-minute mark, taking out Meteos and Impact, but C9 turned the fight around to wipe SSG’s Ambition, CuVee, and Crown. 37 saw SSG claim their second Baron before busting open C9’s nexus for the win.

Game 3

With the Best of Five format, this match was do-or-die for C9. C9’s bot lane was doing very well in the first few minutes, managing to push to the turret even when SSG Ambition came down to help defend, but SSG CuVee’s Poppy got First Blood against C9 Impact shortly before SSG Ambition helped Crown take down mid-laner C9 Jensen.

At 7:30, Meteos put C9 on the board by taking down SSG CuVee after a beautiful C9 Smoothie Karma snare set up the Zac gank. The game was looking like an SSG sweep, but C9 Meteos turned around a team fight after 15 minutes for a Double Kill. Unfortunately for C9, SSG turned the fight back around to get Kills while SSG CuVee one a 1-vs-1 against C9 Impact to claim a turret. SSG continued to power through the map, grabbing the first Cloud Drake. C9 continued to fight back, claiming two turrets to SSG’s one despite being 1K behind in Gold. C9 started to make a move, taking down SSG Ambition before moving for Baron.

SSG ambushed them at the pit, wiping out four of the five members, but C9 Jensen made a beautiful escape, leading CuVee all the way back to the base. Just when it looked like CuVee would get the kill, Jensen popped a shield and got away while the turret finished off Jensen. SSG took advantage of the 4-for-1 trade to grab Baron before pushing the base and taking down an inhibitor. The teams danced around each other for a while longer before SSG started skirting C9’s base around 36:30. They pushed in, taking down inhibitors before shoving up to the turrets. As soon as Minions pushed in to help out, they pushed the nexus and took down both turrets, but C9 kicked them out of the base. SSG’s answer was to take another Baron before invading the base once again and eliminating C9 from Worlds.

Final Victory: Samsung Galaxy

SKTelecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up

Game 1

The junglers got to work right away in the first match, clearing out camps while the laners kept to the bushes and waited for minions to arrive. The laners worked around each other for a while with standard farming, occasionally chipping away at enemy champions before backing off. RNG Looper surprised everyone by claiming a 1-v-1 victory for First Blood—as a Jayce taking down SKT Duke’s Poppy.

RNG Uzi made a move for the second kill, but SKT’s Wolf escaped with a gorgeous Flash dodge. Despite the escape, Uzi pushed forward to take down the first turret of the game. SKT Wolf could not survive forever, falling in a team fight in top line just before the 15 minute mark. A well-timed Zyra ult by RNG Mata took SKT Duke down as well, and RNG shoved through to take down a second turret before claiming a Mountain Drake. Within the first 17 minutes, SKTelecom T1 faced their largest Gold deficit at World’s. At 27, RNG pushed the mid-turret despite all five members of SKT being present. As punishment, SKT Bang got the team’s first kill by taking down RNG Looper.

SKT held firm, managing to take down two turrets even as RNG dominated the team fights and claimed more Kills and Drakes. After a few fights around the Baron pit, RNG rushed it at the 37:30 mark and sneaked it from under SKT’s nose. SKT met them down at the Elder Drake in an attempt to stop them, but RNG Uzi Shut Down SKT Bang as his team came away with the victory. Uzi and Mlkg pushed the id lane to take down the outer turret. RNG moved aggressively on the heels of their buffs, taking down turret after turret and SKT Duke for a 7K Gold lead. RNG started to stake out Baron, but SKT discoed them and wiped their vision. The teams faced off a few times with not one taking it. RNG finally dove SKT for a team fight. It seemed fairly even, but then SKT Duke’s Poppy missed an ult, giving RNG the opening they needed to wipe out the opposition and take out the base for victory number one.

Game 2

SKT came out swinging, ambushing RNG in the River for First Blood at three minutes.

Within 11 minutes, SKT had five kills, one turret, a Cloud Drake, and a 5K Gold lead to RNG’s 0-0-0. RNG started striking back around 13, taking down SKT Duke for their first Kill of the game. A few minutes later, RNG let SKT take a turret while they took down Duke once more and claimed a turret of their own. Shortly before 21, four members of SKT ambushed RNG Looper. Looper’s Poppy dodged around and knocked about, stalling long enough for his team to show up and chase off SKT. SKT scored a few more victories before making a move for Baron at 24. RNG ran to meet them; Uzi fell to SKT while RNG chased them away from the Baron. SKT would not be denied, moving back for Baron, claiming it, and then using the Buff to push the nexus for the win.

Game 3

The Jhin/Zyra comp was proving very popular with this Best of Five. Game 1 saw RNG use the comp; Game 2 saw SKT take it; and then for Game 3, RNG snagged it again. First Blood went to SKT Bang. SKT started off strong one against, with 5 Kills, 1 turret, and a 4.5K Gold lead to RNG’s 1-0 at the 14-minute mark. 17 minutes saw a cross-map rush, with SKT taking down member after member of RNG, including a Double Kill for Bang. SKT won a 4-for-1 exchange and Baron at 22, shutting down RNG’s attempt to challenge them. They continued to snowball, claiming Objective after Objective. RNG claimed a small victory around 24, launching a fight against SKT and going 2-for-2. Unfortunately, they had to recall and chase SKT Duke from their nexus turret.

This Bo5 was a beautiful set for escapes and outplays. SKT Duke was poking down Looper at the nexus, so RNG converged to take him down…and failed. First he was saved by the Guardian Angel, then he made excellent use of his skills and dodging. Mlxz continued to chase, only for Duke to turn around and take him down.

Once everyone healed up, SKT came back to demolish RNG’s base for victory #2.

Game 4

While some of the Picks/Bans were switched up with Game 4, we once again found RNG Uzi as Ezreal with Mata as Karma, while SKT Bang took Jhin with Wolf’s Zyra. RNG came out of the gate running, invading SKT’s jungle and poking at their champions—including delaying SKT Blank Elise’s jungle game. Down in the bot lane, RNG Uzi chased down SKT Wolf for First Blood.

RNG Xiaohu’s Aurelion Sol roamed down to the bot lane, ganking Wolf for the second Kill. Just before the 13-minute mark, RNG made a play in the mid-lane that backfired into a 2-for1 trade in SKT’s favor. Just before the fifteen minute mark, SKT Duke and Blank made a move to gank Looper, but Mlxg arrived to save his teammate and turn the play around for a 2-for-0 exchange in RNG’s favor.

SKT answered with a 1-for-all exchange, barely missing the time slot for an Ace. The turnaround pushed SKT into the lead by 1K gold and 2 Kills. SKT continued to push, taking the first two Drakes of the map (Ocean and Cloud) and claiming 3 turrets to RNG’s 1. 30 minutes saw SKT Ace RNG, with a Triple Kill for Duke and a Double Kill for Faker. SKT pushed the base while RNG was down, sealing their victory and their place in the SemiFinals.

Final Victory: SKTelecom T1

ROX Tigers vs. Edward Gaming

Game 1

The teams focused on cs and Gold for the first 7:30, but ROX Peanut claimed First Blood just before a large fight in bottom lane led to a Double Kill for EDG Scout.

ROX held onto their advantage, taking down the first turret and the first Mountain Drake of the match. EDG scored another Kill, bringing the count up to 4-3 in ROX’s favor. A large team fight in bottom lane at 19:30 saw ROX chase EDG up the bottom lane and take down EDG Koro1. ROX took the turret before ROX KurO took out EDG Deft for the Double Kill.

Drake claims went back and forth, with ROX claiming two Mountains while EDG grabbed Cloud. 29 minutes saw the first Baron Nashor, with ROX taking down EDG Scout, Meiko, and Koro1 before running for the Pit. They easily claimed it, keeping Deft and Clearlove occupied to avoid a steal. ROX took their Baron buff to the EDG base. EDG mounted an effective defense, managing to keep ROX dancing around the mid entrance without giving up the turret. ROX backed off for a bit to push up the other lanes. They came back quickly, taking down the mid turret, EDG Kuro1, and the mid inhibitor. ROX made another Drake run, claiming their third Mountain Drake. With the extra Objective damage, ROX pushed up the bottom lane for another base turret and inhibitor. Once the minions caught up, ROX pushed for the nexus turrets before wiping EDG from the map.

Game 2

Another 7:30 lead in led to ROX Peanut’s Lee Sin claiming First Blood in a team fight. ROX Kuro moved to help with a gank bottom at 9:30, but EDG Meiko and Deft dodged the damage to escape.

ROX maintained their lead, pushing the first turret and claiming more Kills. A trade kill at the 12-minute mark put EDG on the map with Clearlove taking down GorillA, but it wasn’t enough to come back from ROX’s lead. ROX expanded the gap with a Kill in the top lane, taking down EDG Koro1, before taking down the first Ocean Drake. ROX started shoving through Objectives, taking down another three turrets. At 19 minutes, a team fight in the river led to an Ace for ROX.

With the fight decided, ROX pushed for another turret—this time in the mid lane. ROX moved for another Ocean Drake as they continued to dominate the map. ROX went for Baton at 23, taking down four EDG members in the process. EDG Clearlove escaped the carnage but was unable to stop ROX from taking the top inhibitor. ROX pushed the base once more, Acing EDG before taking down their nexus for victory #2.

Game 3

It was do or die for EDG coming into Game 3—one more loss, and they would be out of Worlds. ROX Smeb and Peanut invaded the EDG jungle to claim First Blood for Smeb in the first five minutes. Peanut then moved down to mid to gank EDG Scout. EDG Scout took down Kuro for revenge, claiming his team’s first Kill. EDG refused to roll over, claiming two Kills against Smeb—one for Kuro1, and one for Scout.

13:50 saw a team fight lead to 4 Kills for EDG, pushing the team into the lead against ROX. EDG took the first turret, and the 15-minute mark saw EDG claim their first Gold lead. EDG shoved forward, taking down another turret and claiming three more Kills. 22:30 saw a team fight with ROX get some revenge, but the trade ended in favor of EDG. EDG made a move for Baron at 28:30, but ROX came to challenge the move. Scout and Koro1 fell, but EDG answered with a Triple Kill for Deft and an to Ace ROX before taking down Baron.

In that fight, Deft out-damaged every member of ROX combined. EDG pushed with their buff, taking down an inhibitor before backing off to reset. With half of the buff length remaining, they pushed top to take down the base turret. EDG Deft claimed another Double Kill at 34 as his team pushed the nexus to end the game.

Game 4

The crowd was fired up for Game 4, with match point for ROX or a possible comeback sweet for EDG. ROX Peanut started off a little slow with an error on his first competitive Olaf, but he quickly started moving to make up for the time by invading EDG’s top jungle. EDG Clearlove made a good use of Gromp’s habit to track to the nearest player, using Lee Sin’s Q to set off the jungle minion before backing off; this allowed top-laner Koro1 to see where Peanut was hiding it the jungle when Gromp hopped right to him. Fighting started shortly after eight minutes, but teams pushed and disengaged with no First Blood. ROX Peanut came to bot lane to reengage one of these fights, claiming First Blood—and a Triple Kill.

EDG started racing for Objectives, taking down two turrets—including the first turret of the game—to even out the Gold. ROX answered with an Ocean Drake and a turret. A few minutes later, ROX took a Cloud Drake to regain the Gold lead. After a team fight at 23, ROX took a more obvious lead. ROX made a move for Baron at 25 to bait out EDG and claim a Baron Buff—with Peanut holding eight of their eleven Kills.

EDG took a Cloud Drake for some extra speed as they prepared to defend. ROX started pushing the map, taking down more turrets before shoving into EDG’s base and taking down the mid and bot base turrets. They took down the bot inhibitor before disengaging. After grouping up once more, ROX shoved through the top lane, with Peanut gaining another Double Kill during the Ace and victory.

Final Victory: ROX Tigers

H2K vs. Albus Nox Luna

Game 1

It was the clash of the junglers when H2K Jankos was ambushed by PvPStejos in the brush. H2K Odoamne was there to help his teammate, with ANX Smurf arriving too late. Odoamne’s Jayce claimed both First Blood and a Double Kill within the first five minutes of the match.

By ten minutes, H2K Odoamne had the largest single-game at 15-minute top-laner Gold lead in the series. At 14, Odoamne took first turret while ANX claimed Ocean Drake. ANX had their work cut out for them, with a 4K gold/5 Kill deficit at 16. ANX Likrit and aMiracle saw a dive-surround coming for their turret; Likrit made a fancy escape into the river and enemy jungle, but Odoamne managed to down Likrit with a well-aimed shot before aMiracle fell as well. H2K moved for Rift Herald, extending their lead further. At 20 minutes, ANX Shut Down Odoamne, putting ANX on the board with their first kill. ANX moved for the Infernal Drake, but H2K Jankos’ Lee Sin was there for the steal. A 4-for-1 team fight in H2K’s favor saw the mid base turret fall; ANX was back up in time to chase them away from the inhibitor. H2K Ryu wasn’t going to let Odoamne carry the game, claiming a Quadra Kill at 27 before pushing ANX’s base to take bot inhibitor.

H2K then disengaged to move for the Infernal Drake. H2K moved for what should have been an easy Baron, but ANX Kira’s Syndra was there for the steal. Before AMiracle Shut Down Odoamne.

H2K made a push for ANX’s base, but a 1-for-1 trade had them disengage to regroup in the jungle before pushing again. ANX Smurf played defense at the nexus turrets while the inhibitors respawned, buying more time for his team. H2K met ANX in the jungle at 34, taking down three members of ANX before pushing down the nexus to take the first victory.

Game 2

First Blood turned into a massacre, with H2K taking down four members of ANX and losing only one in return. Odoamne’s teleport was on point, whereas ANX did not seem to be on the same page as a team. H2K Vander’s Zyra had a beautiful ult that led to a Double Kill.

Odoamne gained another monstrous lead as a fed Jayce, taking down the first turret of the game after eliminating ANX Smurf. H2K snowballed, claiming several Kills, turrets, and two Drakes.

At 22, H2K went for an early Baron before pushing the base, scoring two Aces, and taking down the nexus. The victory claimed the record for fastest win in 2016 Worlds.

Game 3

It was do or die for ANX as one more loss would send them packing, yet they left Odoamne’s Jayce open in the Pick/Ban phase. H2K Ryu took advantage of the free Syndra, and the pick paid off as he claimed First Blood in the first five minutes, soloing ANX Kira.

H2K continued to pull ahead in another early lead, taking down the first turret and claiming two more Kills before the 9-minute mark. At 10:30, ANX made a much-needed play as Likrit set up for PvP Stejos and aMiracle to ambush H2K’s bottom lane for a kill each.

H2K answered an Infernal Drake and a Kill in mid. H2K took out mid-laner Kira once more before taking down two turrets, but the bottom lane set up another ambush to take down Vander. They claimed their first turret at 13:50. ANX kept picking away at H2K; H2K dominated the team fights, but ANX took what they could get—including two Cloud Drakes. ANX took down a Rift Herald just before the Baron spawn. H2K expected the Baron, moving to chase ANX away from the Pit. H2K almost went for Baron themselves, but ANX Smurf took down H2K Odoamne and inspired disengage and retreat. The teams exchanged for a while longer; H2K made another vie for Baron, but Likrit’s Bard ulted the Pit to chase them out yet again. H2K worked to 2-man Baron. Likrit and Smurf worked together to distract them while ANX took out a base turret and inhibitor in bottom while Shutting Down Ryu and Odoamne.

The surviving H2K members quickly took the Baron. They pushed bot lane back, trading 3-for-1 in their favor before taking down the inhibitor and moving on the nexus turrets. The base melted under their damage, sealing H2K’s place in the Semi Finals and saying goodbye to the record-breaking Wildcards.

Final Victory: H2K

What’s to Come

Samsung Galaxy, SKTelecom T1, ROX Tigers, and H2K have a few days to rest up and travel to New York. The SemiFinals will see SKT vs. ROX and SSG vs. H2K; the winners of both sets will go on to face each other as they vie for the Summoners’ Cup.

I’ll see you on the Rift!

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