Group Stages comes to an end with the conclusion of Group B-- IM, FW, C9, and SKT. Only two will move on to complete the Quarter Finals roster...who will it be? Read on to find out!

League of Legends World Championship Season 6: Summaries from the Group Stage– Group B

Group Stages comes to an end with the conclusion of Group B-- IM, FW, C9, and SKT. Only two will move on to complete the Quarter Finals roster...who will it be? Read on to find out!
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Greetings, Summoners, from the Fields of Valoran! The last Group to finish Red Robin was Group B, featuring SKTelecom T1 from the LCK, Cloud9 from the NA LCS, I May from the LPL, and Flash Wolves from the LMS. The casters were excited to see SKT make it into Worlds again, noting that they were the first World Championship winners to return the following season to defend their title.

Red Robin Round 1

Day 2

Group B didn’t take the stage until Day 2, kicking off the evening with defending champions SKTelecom T1 taking on Cloud9. SKT started off strong, with Bengi successfully ganking for First Blood.

Cloud9 put up a fight for Gold Lead and even claimed the first Drake, but SKT was running on momentum. They steamrolled through team fights and snowballed to win their first match back at Worlds.

The next match saw Flash Wolves take on I May. FW started off strong, with mid-laner Maple taking down I May’s Jungler Avoidless for First Blood. FW took control of the map, powering through Objectives and enlarging their Gold lead. FW dominated the match right up until a vie for Baron at 39 minutes. IM started to group up, dancing around the pit until Avoidless went for the engage. IM claimed three Kills and stole the Baron.

With the Baron Buff in full effect, IM started to spiral their comeback, with Avoidless stealing Drake as well. They shoved up the lanes, through FW’s base, and right up to the nexus. Seven minutes after the Baron steal, IM completed the comeback to win the match.

Day 3

Group B’s first match of Day 3 pitted Flash Wolves against Cloud9. FW Karsa took First Blood, but C9 took the first Drake. The two teams danced between Gold lead until the 10-minute mark, when FW took down three enemy champions and a turret. C9’s defense was on point, keeping FW out of their base despite the LPL team’s spiraling lead. It looked like the match might be over when FW got their first Baron, but C9 managed to defend and wear out the buff. C9 steadily took turrets, but defense was the name of the game as FW got a second Baron and made another move for the base. Once again, C9 managed to chase them off. When FW went for their third Baron, C9 made a move with Jensen stealing Baron just before the hour mark.

C9 fought tooth and nail to shove through objectives, snowballing with their Baron buff to turn the game around and win, closing out the longest game so far in Worlds 2016.

The next match had I May challenge SKTelecom T1. I May started off with Avoidless getting First Blood, but SKT got a Kill in answer before I May scored a second.

It was SKT’s game from there, with the defending champions taking firm control of the map. They powered through Objectives while keeping I May from taking anything, let alone mounting a successful defense.

Day 4

Day 4 for Group B started off with SKTelecom T1 going up against Flash Wolves. SKT took an early Gold lead, but FW Karsa scored First Blood.

SKT clung to their Gold lead as long as they could, but a Double Kill for FW Karsa on Lee Sin signaled the turnaround. FW closed the gap in Gold before taking the lead. The teams held each other off for a while, swapping Objectives with SKT taking Drakes and FW taking turrets. The dance lasted for a several minutes before FW made a move for their first Baron. They succeeded, making the first push for the Drake before SKT could mount a defense. A second Baron before the 36-minute mark was the final nail in SKT’s coffin, leading FW to push the base and win in yet another Group Stage upset.

The last game for Week 1 put Cloud9 against I May. C9 Meteos started off the action with First Blood, and C9 grasped that Gold lead and built on it. C9 pushed Objectives, steamrolling over IM and barely giving an inch. Impact was on point, getting several kills including some impressive Double Kills.

IM snagged a Drake and two turrets through the game; the also managed some impressive kills, including a Double Kill for Jinjiao, but it wasn’t enough to start a comeback. C9 pushed the nexus and claimed victory at 38 minutes.

Red Robin Round 2

Group B’s second round began with I May going up against Flash Wolves. IM started off with a surprise, having Jungler Avoidless running Support while Support Athena ran Jungle. The surprise paid off in the first few minutes of the game, with IM Athena claiming First Blood as Lee Sin. 

FW took a sizeable lead in turrets, but IM was doing well against them in team fights. FW rotated down to claim a Cloud Drake, enlarging the gap between the teams. The 30-minute mark saw an amazing fight in the Baron pit; despite FW’s lead in Objectives, IM slaughtered them and stole the Baron.

In the end, IM got four kills and the Baron, overtaking FW in Gold. The match was filled with extended team fights, but after the Baron steal, IM started pulling ahead significantly. FW made a move for Drake at 40, but IM ambushed them and claimed a 4-for-0 team fight before pushing up into FW’s base to take an inhibitor and push the nexus.

Up next came defending champions SKTelecom T1 taking on Cloud9. C9 faced the pressure of being the NA LCS’s last chance to have a presence in the Quarter Finals. The teams danced around each other for a while, exchanging the occasional blows, but First Blood went to C9 Sneaky on Ezreal as C9 cut off SKT Wolf and took him down.

SKT came back with their own kill, but a good rotation of C9 Smoothie’s Alistar to top led to an excellent knock-up to take down SKT Duke for a 2-1 lead in Kills. Shortly after, C9 claimed a Cloud Drake. SKT Faker made a move to clear out wards in the jungle, but Smoothie moved in and helped Jensen get the kill. Just before the 27-minute mark, SKT started to make a comeback, dominating a team fight to even up the Kill score. C9 responded by claiming another Drake when they were back up. SKT made a move for C9 Jensen, but he dodged the skill shots and got away. The distraction allowed C9 to go for a turret, evening up the turret score. SKT then moved for Baron, and C9 contested. They danced around the pit, but they just missed the steal as SKT Blank finished off Baron Nashor.

With the Baron Buff active, Cloud9 had to play carefully but break SKT’s siege before it could begin. They traded Kills and Objectives before managing to take out SKT Duke and shove up the mid lane to claim a turret. 41 saw a move for Baron, with the teams coming up against each other. SKT got several Flashes out of C9 and took C9 Meteos’ Alistar’s health bar quite low before making the move. C9 responded regardless, trading 2-for-2 and chasing SKT away from Baron.

In the next team fight, C9 Impact Shut Down Faker only to be Shut Down by Bang. SKT turned the fight away, outplaying for the disengage before moving to Baron. C9 fought fiercely to defend, but a team wipe in the bottom lane gave SKT the opening they needed to shove through the base and take down C9’s nexus.

The third match of the day put Cloud9 back on the stage to challenge Flash Wolves. Both teams were under a lot of pressure with this match: C9 wanted an NA presence in Quarter Finals but had a shaky start against SKT; FW were facing their last chance — a loss here meant they were completely out of the running. A mistake from FW MMD and a perfect play by C9 Meteos led to First Blood for C9. But a bold move at the 10-minute mark led to Meteos being assassinated by FW before they rotated to take Ocean Drake. The two teams went back and forth for a while, with FW taking the lead in Gold and Kills and C9 claiming a Mountain Drake. C9 started to close the gap between them, but FW kept pushing for another turret. the 25-minute mark saw C9 melt under pressure with FW slaughtering and scoring an Ace with a Triple Kill for Maple.

With that victory fresh on their heels, FW went for Baron. FW held their advantage, going for another Baron at 33. C9 tried to contest, but FW had the vision advantage and managed to chase them off before taking Baron and then pushing for an inhibitor turret. They cycled back for a few moments to reset before pushing the base again. C9 managed to fend them off, defending their base without losses on either side. 39 saw another Drake for FW that led to a challenge from C9. FW answered by Acing the team yet again before shoving through to the base and taking down the nexus for the win.

The next match saw reigning champion SKTelecom T1 going against I May. SKT took First Blood just shy of seven minutes, with IM just missing the fight. IM made several stands, contesting SKT across the map. While they managed to even out the Kill count, SKT still held the advantage in gold and three turrets to IM’s zero. Shortly before the 21-minute mark, SKT made a move on IM’s mid lane that utterly backfired, ending in a 3-for-1 trade in IM’s favor. The teams went back and forth a while longer, with SKT working to enlarge the gap between them and decimating team fights. In the 36 minute, SKT made a move for teh Baron. IM Avoidless leaped over the wall for the succesful steal, dying before he even hit the ground.

SKT moved to make another push for mid. They knocked down a turret before IM chased them off and initiated a fight. IM got away with just one loss, but SKT was still coming out on top and moved to push mid once more. After IM defended and chased them off, SKT made a move for Elder Dragon. Avoidless attempted another steal, but he just missed the last hit and then IM started to fall in the team fight. SKT rotated up the river once more on the tail of that victory, claiming a Baron. They then rotated to the bot lane for a push. IM mounted a defense, but SKT took the advantage and took down the inhibitor. With their success, they pushed the nexus and ended the game to confirm their status as First Seed from Group B for the Quarters.

After the break, I May was back on stage to take on Cloud9. C9 scored First Blood with Sneaky taking down Jinjiao.

C9 continued to spiral their control, taking fight after fight with Jensen going on a Killing Spree. I May did get one Kill in response, but the game was steadily falling apart for them as C9 Sneaky claimed a Double Kill. C9 also claimed the first turret advantage. At the 17-minute mark, I May set up a good fight that ended 2-for-1 in their favor and opened an opportunity for Infernal Drake to answer C9’s Cloud. Just past 24, C9 made a move for Baron. IM sped from their base to contest, but C9 came away with the buff and capitalized by taking down three members of IM. When C9 made another vie for Baron at 32:30, IM contested more successfully, shutting down three of C9’s members in exchange for two of their own and keeping them away from Baron.

C9 moved for another Drake before taking down two members of IM and returning to claim the Baron. With the buff active, they pushed for IM’s base and took down mid turret and inhibitor. IM initiated a fight to defend bot turret, but C9 dominated the fight before tearing down the turret and the bot inhibitor. Cloud9 backed off for a moment before moving for Elder Dragon and pushing the base again. They worked to keep IM in their base while top lane minions pushed, but they engaged at the wrong moment and IM took down three of their members. IM took advantage for a desperation Baron, snatching it off the map and using the buff in an attempt to turn the match around. C9 defended until the buff wore off, managing to keep IM off of their buildings. They then pushed mid, managing to take the inhibitor without initiating a fight. At 50, they went for another Baron, baiting IM into a fight and coming out on top. With the crowd calling their name, they pushed the base and took down the nexus, pushing IM out of the competition and maintaining their chance for Second Seed.

The next and hopefully last match of the night came down to SKTelecom T1 and Flash Wolves. Cloud9 fans everywhere found themselves rooting for SKT so that C9 could advance, but FW were notorious for defeating Korean teams. SKT claimed First Blood just shy of ten minutes, but FW responded with their own Kill. SKT managed to take the first turret advantage at just past the 12-minute mark, shooting ahead in Gold. They moved ahead in objectives as well, working to stay in the lead and deny FW the chance to move ahead. SKT started dominating in the fights, keeping ahead in the Kill count.

SKT went for Baron at 30:30. FW went to contest, but SKT chased them off before returning to the pit. They got Baron down to health, but FW Karsa danced around the pit threatening to steal. SKT tried to keep them off, but FW managed the steal.

SKT Bang managed to take down Maple, giving SKT the chance to push mid and take the turret and the inhibitor. They danced around a bit longer before pushing the base to take down Flash Wolves for the first time ever, securing Cloud9’s place as Second Seed.

What’s to Come

The top eight move on to Quarter Finals. Teams have a few days to prepare before starting their Best of Fives in a knockout stage.

I’ll see you on the Rift.

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