Our Worlds coverage continues with the conclusion of Group C-- ITZ, EDG, AHQ, and H2K. Only two will move on...who will it be? Read on to find out!

League of Legends World Championship Season 6: Summaries from the Group Stage– Group C

Our Worlds coverage continues with the conclusion of Group C-- ITZ, EDG, AHQ, and H2K. Only two will move on...who will it be? Read on to find out!

If you’re behind on Worlds coverage, check out the previous article discussing the results from Group A.

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Greetings, Summoners, from the Fields of Valoran! The second group to finish both rounds of Red Robin was Group C, featuring INTZ e-Sports from Brazil, Edward Gaming from the LPL, H2K from the EU LCS, and ahq e-Sports Club from the GPL.

Red Robin Round 1

Day 1

AHQ vs H2K

Group C’s first match of the series was H2K versus ahq e-Sports Club. AHQ came in as the underdog in this match, surprising the crowd when they took First Blood. H2K focused on creep scores to gain a lead in Gold and items, however, paying back First Blood with H2K Forgiven taking down AHQ Mountain. AHQ would not back down, battling H2K for Objectives and getting into spats across the map. Despite H2K’s Gold advantage, AHQ kept ahead of them in Objectives by claiming Drake’s and turrets while defending their own structures. The match stretched on, but at just past the 30-minute mark, AHQ made a brilliant play. While three of their members fell, AN and Mountain claimed Baron. It was all uphill from there. AHQ pushed all of their Objectives, pulling ahead in Gold and answering every challenge from H2K. Around the 42-minute mark, AHQ made a play that resulted in not only another Baron but also an Ace against H2K.

After that advantage, they shoved through the last few minutes of the game to claim the Nexus and a victory for one of the many upsets during Group Stage.


With the crowd still reeling from AHQ’s unexpected victory, Wildcard INTZ took the stage to challenge China’s top-tier team, Edward Gaming. No one in the crowd was surprised when EDG Deft’s Ezreal claimed First Blood. The analyst table and most of the crowd fully expected them to take the game. ITZ had other plans, starting with an impressive dive leading to a Double Kill for Revolta’s Lee Sin.

From there, ITZ shoved through Objectives, knocking EDG out of the lead across the board. They snowballed through the next 42 minutes, keeping ahead of EDG. Revolta’s Lee Sin and Yang’s Gnar won massive style points through the game, setting up some brilliant plays for their team and snagging some unexpected Kills. Around the 13-minute mark, Gnar played a game of pinball with the enemy, while 24 INTZ set the stage for the Wildcards to shock everyone during Group Stage by defeating Edward Gaming in their first match. 

Day 2


Group C’s Day 2 started off with H2K taking on INTZ e-Sports. Both teams played carefuly, with the first ITZ turret falling at 10:52. First Blood took place just past the 18-minute mark when H2K’s Ryu, Jankos, and Vander teamed up to take down ITZ’s Jockster.

From that point on, H2K refused to give ground. ITZ managed to take one turret and one Kill in the entire match.


After H2K and ITZ cleared the field, Edward Gaming took on ahq e-Sports Club. While AHQ had the early Gold lead, it didn’t last once EDG PawN took First Blood at 3:31. AHQ persevered, taking down the first turret and regaining the Gold lead until EDG took it once more. The next few minutes saw 1-for-1 Kill trades before AHQ took their first Drake. EDG clung to their Gold and Kill lead until they managed to take Baron and another turret. EDG slingshotted up, but AHQ were persistent, slowly working to close the gap. EDG made a vie for a second Baron, also getting Kills and a third Drake.

With that momentum, EDG pushed through to AHQ’s base and took down the nexus for the win.

Day 4


Group C had Day 3 off, but they opened Day 4 with ahq e-Sports Club challenging INTZ. AHQ Westdoor rotated from mid to top after five minutes to snag First Blood, but the game had no clear leader until closer to the 10-minute mark.

That was when AHQ started to really move. They took the first Drake, three Kills, and three turrets within quick succession. AHQ snowballed from there, not giving up a single Objective. ITZ managed to claim some Kills, but the shut out from AHQ prevented any sort of comeback. ITZ fought fiercely, but ultimately AHQ took the victory.

H2K vs EDG

The last match of Round Robin Round 1 was Edward Gaming facing off against H2K. EDG started fast, with Deft getting first blood just before the two-minute mark. H2K’s FORG1VEN came back around the four-minute mark for a Double Kill, and H2K temporarily pulled ahead in Gold before Scout and Mouse earned Kills. EDG took the lead and held tight. H2K made a few plays, with scattered Kills and a few Objectives, but EDG matched their enthusiasm. The back-and-forth continued past the 30-minute mark, but an impressive fight in bot lane gave EDG the final push they needed with three more Kills.

Shortly thereafter, they grabbed a Baron before pushing H2K’s base for a win.

Red Robin Round 2


The night kicked off with a rematch between Edward Gaming and INTZ e-sports. EDG started off with an aggressive move, with Clearlove claiming First Blood within the first four minutes. EDG kept up the pressure, cascading through with several more kills in the next few minutes, including a beautiful rotation down to bot lane.

EDG steamrolled through Objectives, claiming Drakes and slaying enemy champions while barely taking any losses. ITZ managed to take three turrets and a single Kill, but compared to EDG’s progress, their small victories did nothing to help their cause. Just before the 29-minute mark, EDG pushed a fight that led to Scout claiming a Quadra Kill as Syndra. By 31:30, EDG made a move for Baron Nashor while ITZ tried to work a steal. EDG shut them down, however, snagging the Baron buff. EDG ended the match with a decisive victory just before the 35-minute mark.

AHQ vs H2K

Once EDG and ITZ cleared the stage, it was time for ahq e-Sports Club to challenge H2K. The pressure was on for H2K, as the EU LCS hadn’t had a great showing through Groups. H2K grabbed First Blood, but things were quiet until 15:30 saw the first epic team fight, ending in a 2-for-2 Kill trade with a Double Kill for Westdoor.

Mountain later tied up the Kills with an impressive chase near the 21:30 mark. The 28-minute mark saw a beautiful team fight for H2K, including a three-man teleport to the middle of retreating AHQ members to try and clean up. Once AHQ’s surviving members retreated, H2K made a move for Baron…only to have it stolen by AHQ Albis’s Karma. (#SupportGoals)

H2K went for revenge just before 33:30, snagging two more Kills for the count before following up with a Mid push that resulted in downing an inhibitor. They continued to cascade the pressure, shoving through to take the AHQ nexus and thus the game.

H2K vs EDG

After H2K shut out AHQ, they retook the field to challenge Edward Gaming. H2K Ryu took First Blood, but it turned to a trade when he fell to the turret. Within seconds, H2K Odoamne took down EDG Mouse in the top lane. EDG worked to stall out the game, working on the Gold count and keeping H2K on their toes. They made a move just past the 18-minute mark, gaining two Kills while losing a turret. They continued to push, making a move on H2K’s bot lane turret around 19:20. At 26, H2K went for Baron while EDG was too slow to the challenge. H2K surged up the bot lane, taking EDG’s outer base turret to expose the inhibitor before pulling off. H2K made a move just past the 31 mark, teleporting in three members to take on Mouse. Mouse’s Poppy managed to knock away one assailant before having to flee up the bot lane. His team was there, however, managing to arrive in time to allow Mouse’s escape. After a few moments to reset, H2K turned on Beast Mode. They came out ahead in team fights, getting another Baron along the way.

EU fans were on the edge of their seats, their hopes resting on H2K’s shoulders. G2 had been eliminated and SPY had a tough climb ahead if they wanted to qualify in their Group. EDG made a vie for Drake around 43, and H2K quickly grouped up to trap them. It looked worrisome when EDG claimed the first Kill of the team fight, but H2K stole the Elder Drake before wiping four members of EDG and rushing the base.

Scout tried to mount a defense, but H2K erased him before taking down the Nexus.


Once the stage was clear, INTZ e-Sports and ahq e-Sports Club got ready to face off. 5:20 saw a team fight in bot lane that resulted in ITZ Jockster going down for First Blood to AHQ. ITZ looped around to turret dive and resume the fight, taking down AHQ AN and Albis but losing a turret in the top lane.

AHQ and ITZ spat back and forth for the next several minutes, trading Objectives, Drakes, and Kills for a fairly even game. At 24:20, AHQ turned on the ignition, catching ITZ Revolta in the jungle and slicing through ITZ Jockster’s defense. Once the fight was over, AHQ turned their attention to Baron. With the Baron buff active, they pushed ITZ’s base and took down an inhibitor while opening up the base. AHQ initiated another fight with ITZ around 27, pushing into the base and taking down ITZ’s nexus. ITZ’s loss officially disqualified them from reaching Quarter Finals.

ITZ vs H2K

INTZ wasn’t completely out of the action quite yet. The very next match saw them pitted against H2K with a chance to disrupt the EU team’s advance as well. H2K’s fate hung in the balance, but they knew they would face a tie-breaker either way. 

H2K took an early lead, with First Blood and three more Kills in the first eleven minutes, though both teams claimed a turret. H2K went for two more Kills, and ITZ gave the sacrifice in exchange for a turret. 15:30 saw a good play in ITZ’s bot lane, but H2K responded swiftly by taking a mid-lane turret. H2K started making more plays, getting more kills. They built up on their Objectives, grabbed a Baron and a Drake, and then made one last push to take down ITZ’s nexus and secure their place in the Quarter Finals.


The next match between ahq e-Sports Club and Edward Gaming would determine who would face H2K in a tie-breaker before joining them in the Quarters. Just before 8:30, AHQ grabbed First Blood by taking down Meiko and rotated up to grab an Infernal Drake. 12:20 saw EDG having a party in bot lane, claiming two Kills and just getting chased off of the turret. AHQ found Clearlove in the jungle within thirty seconds, tying up the Kill count. The teams traded off for a while before AHQ made a big play around the 20-minute mark, with Westdoor setting up for Ziv to teleport in. AHQ took a strong lead in Gold, though the Kill count remained tied. The two teams danced around each other on the map, fighting over vision control, before Mountain caught Deft out in the jungle and deleted him.

Fueled by the Kill, AHQ moved up to look into a vie for Baron. Another confrontation followed in front of the Baron pit. Although AHQ got Baron, EDG came out ahead in the fight before making a move for Drake. After more back and forth, AHQ pulled ahead in turrets while EDG pulled ahead in kills. EDG set up to take Baron, but AHQ’s AN and Albis held them off while Ziv pushed bot lane up to the base turret. EDG fell back to avoid a Jynx Penta, but once they regained health, they move for the pit again and took the Baron. Their success seemed to flip a switch, fueling EDG to surge through the mid and bot lanes, taking down turrets and inhibitors on the way. They did play it safe, backing off when they started to lose their edge. EDG took some time to reset before moving on the Drake and then shifting up to the Baron. AHQ attempted to interrupt, but EDG took down Westdoor and Mountain in moments. With the initiation, they started pushing AHQ’s base. With that last surge, EDG secured their spot in Quarters and forced AHQ out of the competition.

EDG vs H2K

Riding high from their victory, EDG only had a few minutes to reset and get ready to take on H2K in the tiebreaker that would decide who claimed First Seed advantage. The two teams danced around each other for the first seven minutes, occasionally having a spat but not claiming any kills.

Around the eight-minute mark, H2K Jankos caught PawN out in the jungle and took him down for First Blood. Coming back into the fight after respawning, PawN took his revenge against Ryu’s Syndra. EDG attempted to take Infernal Drake, but they were short a member. H2K found them and capitalized on the error, claiming a Kill before turning around and taking Infernal Drake for themselves. EDG came right back, catching H2K Ryu in the mid lane and taking him down despite an attempted save by Jankos, who fell as well. PawN went down in the fight, but he was executed by the turret rather than killed by a champion. H2K slowly pulled ahead, claiming two more Drakes, creeping ahead in Gold, and maintaining a lead in turrets. EDG did hold a lead on Kills, but that was the only advantage, and H2K was chasing them off in most spats. At the 29 mark, H2K caught EDG in the mid lane for a team fight. Losing only Ryu, H2K gets an Ace against EDG with a Double Kill for Odoamne.

With EDG off the map, H2K took Baron before grabbing another Drake. With the buffs in place, H2K started pressuring EDG’s base. EDG started pushing back, stealing Baron from H2K just after the 38-minute mark.

H2K quickly moved to bait at the Elder Drake, hoping to keep EDG from using the Baron Buff to push towards their base. EDG didn’t take the bait, moving for H2K’s base to try and catch up on turrets. H2K caught them in the jungle as they retreated, taking down several members before going for the Elder Drake and moving to push EDG’s base to down the mid inhibitor before backing off. After a short break to cool off and reset, H2K rotated top to take down the turret and inhibitor and push the nexus. EDG swarmed in a huge team fight to try and stop them, with H2K FORG1VEN the only survivor. After claiming the last kill for the Ace, he finished taking down the nexus to claim First Seed for H2K.

What’s to Come

With H2K and Edward Gaming joining ROX Tigers and Albus Nox Luna in the Quarter Finals, all eyes turn to Group D to see who among TSM, Samsung Galaxy, Royal Never Give Up, and Splyce will earn the next to Seeds.

I’ll see you in the Rift!

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