Left 4 Dead 2 On Linux!

Zombie Penguins, what could go wrong?

Open Source is a great way for developers to add and create new content for an already fantastic franchise. Now Valve has brought the zombie apocalypse to this open source platform creating ways to further enhance your Left 4 Dead experience. Although this is still in beta, Valve encourages everyone to participate, even if you are a Mac or Windows user. Valve has released the Left 4 Dead Beta on Steam so you can check out the Authoring Tools and get started on creating or adding new content. They even made a Wiki page to help you get off on the right foot and make things much simpler.

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EMS? What’s That?

EMS stands for Extended Mutation System which allows modders to use and test the tools that Valve has created before they are released into the game and workshop. Some of these tools include editing scripts to make each game play experience unique.

“Mod authors will now be able to create deep custom experiences that can be played on any map or tailor to create something for new or existing maps.”

Who knows, maybe someone will create new special infected and survivors, ultimately creating the ever anticipated Left 4 Dead 3 before Valve gets around to it!

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