Left 4 Dead Developers Present Evolve

A new co-op game from the developers of Left 4 Dead is coming, and features some Alien activity

Thanks to GameInformer, we now know about the new project from Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Left 4 Dead, which goes by the name of Evolve.

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Evolve will be published by 2K Games, and is going to be coming to next-gen consoles exclusively, no, don’t worry PC gamers, it’ll be coming to PC as well, and this will happen this fall.

Same as Left 4 Dead, Evolve is a game heavily focused on its multiplayer features, as this is a co-op game which brings 4 players together in order to fight a fifth player, which controls an alien monster, which “evolves” over the course of every match.


As it was to expect, every character will have its own perks, skills, abilities, and items, that will help them overcome the challenge of fighting against this alien monster that will be going against the team; while the Alien itself has the size and attacks that will help him, or her, survive the attack of the human team, by killing each one of the members with its own hands.

Information says that Evolve might be adding some separate single player experience; however, and knowing how Turtle Rock Studios think, it wouldn’t be to expect a highly capturing campaign, following declarations from studio’s Phil Robb:

“We’re not a studio that focuses very heavily on a big, complicated story. We want the stories to be the shit you’re talking about the next day after a long night of playing the game

So, if you’re the sort of gamer that enjoys single player campaigns more than multiplayer ones, you might just get one in this game; however, I’d expect something alike Left 4 Dead’s one.

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