Legacy of Kain – Nosgoth

Upcoming multiplayer Legacy of Kain spin-off.

Upcoming multiplayer Legacy of Kain spin-off.

So the guys from Square Enix have decided to give us another great title to be excited about. The studio behind this game is Psyonix, California-based Unreal Engine experts.

After Legacy of Kain: Dark Prophecy and Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun were cancelled, as few other Legacy of Kain titles have over the years, this one is more than promising.

What I am talking about is Nosgoth, or War for Nosgoth as known to some. A few months back, there was an article about hints Square Enix left for us by registering a domain name WarforNosgoth.com. The domain name was changed to Nosgoth.com, and is now a fully functional website where you can apply for closed beta.

It’s safe to say that what we are getting is not what was expected of next Legacy game, but even though it is a spin-off, and some of the reception was not the greatest when the game was announced in 2013, it will make enjoyable standalone title.

Nosgoth is a free to play multiplayer action game centered on two races: Vampires and Humans. Vampires are more hack and slash orientated, while humans go for third person shooter style. Teams are switching between rounds and the fighting continues.

Release for Microsoft Windows platform is yet to be announced, and distribution will be digital.

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