The spin-off title to the former Eidos title Legacy of Kain will be going offline come the end of May.

Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth cancelled

The spin-off title to the former Eidos title Legacy of Kain will be going offline come the end of May.

If you were looking forward  to seeing more from the Legacy of Kain franchise, we have some unfortunate news for you. Late last night, head developer for the online competitive game Nosgoth announced that the series has officially stopped development and will be closing their servers come May 31st. While the game is free to play, it did offer in game purchases for things such as cosmetics and weapons. Players who have made purchases starting as early as March 1st will be refunded in full, and the in-game store has been disabled.

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The game’s community have taken to the forums and with a variety of posts regarding the announcement — from a petition to save the game’s production to requests to see the development of unreleased content. Some have even blamed the game’s in-game costs for the title’s failure, but the answer is likely something much more simple. Community manager Oghamsmith released a post discussing the game’s termination, and remarked that, “ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations”. At the rate games are released nowadays, this can often be the case with multiplayer shooters. We have seen the same with other titles that have closed their servers, such as Brink and Dust 514.

Produced by Square Enix, Nosgoth was a third person shooter in which players either took control of vicious and dexterous vampires or the humans who opposed them. The game is established in the dark fantasy world of the older Eidos games Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver; both of which played as Metroidvania styled games. It’s always sad to see a game leave development, and hopefully this won’t be the last we see of this franchise.

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