Legend of Legacy is getting a release in North America on October 13th, bringing an expansive RPG to the 3DS.

Legend of Legacy debuting in North America on October 13th

Legend of Legacy is getting a release in North America on October 13th, bringing an expansive RPG to the 3DS.

A new Nintendo 3DS RPG game called Legend of Legacy will be releasing in North America on October 13th, bringing along the rich story it embodies. Legend of Legacy is filled with action and adventure, fit for any explorer.

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About the Legendary Game

Legend of Legacy is about seven adventurers by the names of: Liber, Meurs, Owen, Bianca, Garnet, Eloise, and Filmia, while they explore an island. The island that they come across is called Avalon and is entirely filled with mysteries. While recovering lost memories and searching for the island’s “god”, the team comes across a singing stone causing the party to see Avalon’s forgotten history as a figment of their imagination. 

Although the team is made up of seven people, they each have specific motives for their ambition to explore Avalon. Since each character varies in motive, the only way to grasp the entire story is to play through on each character for their resolution at the end.

A great unexpected feature within Legend of Legacy is that the game is classless, and instead relies on specific combat roles that bring a larger challenge to the battles. The game won’t have an exact tree for classes so specific attention is needed for the combat roles you want to meet. 

Limited Launch Edition

Upon Legend of Legacy’s release in North America, they will be having a premium limited edition Launch pack that some collectors will be able to get. Within the pack is the full game, 10 song soundtrack CD, 40-page art book by the artist Tomomi Kobayashi, and a collectors outer box.

Are you planning on picking up this new RPG? I find the classless feature very unique and can’t wait to experience it.

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