Lego Star Wars Puts iOS Developers to Shame

Now THAT’S what I call Cross-Platform!

Now THAT’S what I call Cross-Platform!

Lego steps up to the plate with Lego: Yoda Chronicles

Lego announced today that their spin off series The Yoda Chronicles will be free to play on iOS devices on May 4th. May fourth.  As in “May the Fourth be with you!” It’s the little details like that make Lego one of the best developers out there. 

The game will not only be free on iOS but also will be free to play online in-browser on Lego’s official website. Additionally, there is an Android release slated for sometime this summer. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that a Lego Star Wars game wouldn’t be on Android first and iOS later. Because, you know, droids. Oh well, c’est la vie.

You log in to the game with your Lego ID to play, which means your progress will save no matter which platform you play on. This is actually pretty awesome. It isn’t totally unheard of, but I really wish more developers would include this sort of cross-platform persistent player identity. I know tons of people are pissed because PS3 Diablo 3 accounts won’t sync with their PC counter-part accounts. It is a sad day when Lego puts Blizzard to shame.

Kickin’ It Old School

The game, Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles, will operate like most of Lego’s other games. Players will pick the light or dark side and fight with action based lightsaber duels to advance though levels and collect blocks. Collecting Lego blocks and studs will give additional access to new characters and ships. Typical Lego Star Wars kind of stuff.

The game also features a super old-school code-unlock feature: there are secret codes hidden in each level and players can redeem codes online or in-game for more bonus content. Finding and redeeming codes is awesome and a ton of fun! I definitely miss the days of furiously scribbling down codes on a napkin next to the home computer. Is that just nostalgia? Probably. Whatever man, I still think it rocks! 

Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles launches May 4th and will feature 15 main missions and 5 bonus missions.

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