Lego Super Mario Release Date Announced, Pre-Orders Open

We get a glimpse at the Lego Super Mario starter kit and what may be future expansions.

We get a glimpse at the Lego Super Mario starter kit and what may be future expansions.

Nintendo and Lego first announced Lego Super Mario kits last month, and we got a new look at the starter course, some expansions, and a release date today thanks to a new overview trailer. Lego Super Mario goes on sale on August 1, but pre-orders are open now.

The starter course features seven different interactive pieces, from lava and enemies to clouds and, of course, digital coins. These all take advantage of Lego Mario’s high-tech innards, things like a gyroscope, multiple LED screens, and a speaker to help enhance the course’s interactive nature.

Lego Super Mario is getting a number of course expansions, too, starting with Bowser’s Castle and the Piranha Slide. The former is a boss battle-themed expansion, while the latter is… a slide. We’re not quite sure how it might fit in with other course parts, but that’s okay.

There’s a free app accompanying Lego Super Mario that offers building instructions and advice for getting creative with all the different pieces you can use.

The pre-order site also mentions a Monty Mole launcher and Super Mushroom expansion. That’s presumably an accidental announcement, as it’s not shown on the site, in the trailer, or even in the press release. Oops.

Either way, you can pre-order the starter kit for $59.99 on the Lego Super Mario website. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Lego Super Mario news as it builds up.

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