Life by You Has Jobs in Summer Game Fest Developer Presentation

Paradox Tectonic’s Studio Director of Marketing, King Choi delivered a Developer Presentation during Summer Game Fest with a new trailer.

Image via Paradox Interactive

During Summer Game Fest’s Future Games Show segment, Chief Director of Marketing King Choi stopped by with a developer presentation for Life by You. Discussing the various components of what makes Life by You stand out amongst the life sim crowd, a trailer highlighting jobs was also played. Releasing to early access September 12 on PC, this is what we learned during the presentation.

Life by You is a real life sim with real conversations that takes place in a world fully controllable by you. From the interactions with other people to how your character looks, it’ll all be designed around what you want to do in game. Along with that, Life by You will fully support modding, providing the same tools the developers themselves use to create your custom content.

Along with the commitment to the modding community, the trailer that was featured highlights an aspect of life most of us rather skip, jobs. Your character will have to get to work on time, complete certain tasks during their shift and then be able to head back home. While more information on jobs themselves wasn’t revealed, this is still a big step towards feeling out what the game will be like.

Another announcement during the presentation was that the first 100,000 people to play during Early Access will receive special invite privileges to a private Discord server. They’ll be able to consult with the development team throughout early access on how the game moves forward towards full launch.

Stay tuned for more as we get closer to early access in September for Life by You. For the latest news, check out GameSkinny’s news page for updates.

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