Life Is Strange is getting a prequel!

Life Is Strange Gets A Prequel, And You Can Pre-Order Now

Life Is Strange is getting a prequel!

In Xbox’s E3 showcase, it was revealed that Life Is Strange would be getting a three episode prequel titled Before the Storm, with the first episode being released for console on August 31.

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While previous hints from DONTNOD Entertainment left Life is Strange fans with the sense that any sequel or addition to the story would focus on a separate cast of characters in the same universe, Before the Storm is going to be a prequel featuring some beloved characters from the original game. It takes place in a period of time before Max moves back to Arcadia Bay for school, and centers on Chloe and her life with Rachel.

The trailer, which you can view below, includes no dialogue — just scenes from the game’s three episodes which hint at Chloe exploring her life at school, the death of her father, fights in a bar, train hopping, and her relationship with Rachel. You can pre-order the first episode now on the Microsoft Store.

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