Lifeless Planet Has Plenty To Live For

Lifeless Planet is an intriguing game that invites players to explore and discover.

Lifeless Planet is an intriguing game that invites players to explore and discover.
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One game that stood out to me at the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime this year was Lifeless Planet. It is being developed solely by David Board, who is a partner at Stage 2 StudiosI was not fortunate enough to attend PAX Prime to check out the game first hand, but based on the newest trailer and a little background reading, I am very interested in playing this game.

Living among the stars

Lifeless Planet is essentially about an astronaut who visits a distant planet that is rumored to be filled with life. On arrival, he finds the opposite: a barren wasteland. Everything is not what it seems though as it appears that the planet was visited by humans long ago, and someone still seems to live there.

The game is purely about exploration and discovery, something I think is missing from  many games today. Based on the trailer, it looks like there will be plenty of land and objects to explore and questions to ask. Is there life on other planets? Are humans capable of living somewhere other than Earth? These are just a couple of questions I believe the game will make players think about.

The Indie Revolution

The game industry is hitting what I believe is an Indie Revolution. Modern technology is making it easier for small teams, even one person, to develop quality and unique games. Another thing indie games have going for them is there individuality. You will probably see more innovation and experimentation in indie games than most of the big titles.

I’m sure many people in past years equated indie to “low quality”. I tried a few indie games when I first found out about them, but I never went in thinking they would be quality. Now, more indie titles are being released and receive high praise and it makes me appreciate them.

I am very excited about the emphasis currently placed on indie titles and the industry’s embrace on them as a whole. As a starting indie developer myself, it feels good to know that my dream could one day be a reality, just as it has been for many others.

Check out the story of Lifeless Planet at the official website. You should notice how much time and effort is being put into this game and from the looks of it, it’s paying off. 

What do you think of this game? Have you had a chance to play it? Let us know in the comments below.

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