Lightning Returns FFXIII Will Not Have A Theme Song

Lightning Returns will not feature a theme song.

Lightning Returns will not feature a theme song.

What do you think of when you think Final Fantasy? For me it’s a great story with a great theme song to tie it all together. Lightning Returns will not have that theme song that ties the whole thing together. Within the last 24 hours, the official Lightning Returns Twitter tweeted out the following.

Yes, it is in Japanese, but when you run it through Google translate, you get this.

I have gotten questions about the theme song. This time, do not have a theme song. This time, the challenge of the game is the main part of the course, our composer of three also has incorporated a new challenge. Number of tunes is also a series maximum. By all means, I am happy if you can listen to music three plays this time

Over the years, we’ve heard amazing theme songs from the Final Fantasy games we love: “Eyes On me,” “Melodies of Life,” “Suteki Da Ne,” “Distant Worlds,” and even “My Hands.” All of those songs really brought out the feelings of the stories they coincided with. Lightning Returns will not have a song that does this.

Here is the english theme of Final Fantasy XIII “My Hands” by Leona Lewis.

For Lightning Returns, every major area is going to be filled with its own style of music. This means there will be no underlying theme that persists through the game as well. What I mean by that is Final Fantasy X had several versions of “Suteki Da Ne,” which played as you progressed through the game. Final Fantasy XIII also had an underlying theme called “The Promise.” From the way it sounds, we will not see the same concept used in Lightning Returns.

Here are the many different versions of “The Promise” all in one video.

For anyone who owns the FFXIII-2, or original FFXIII soundtracks, you understand how many songs were on them. Supposedly this final installment will host the largest amount of songs in the series. To any soundtrack fan that’s huge.

I’ll be getting the soundtrack for Lightning Returns for my collection, I really hope it lives up to those of the previous games. This will all depend on the music that Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, and Mitsuto Suzuki bring to the table. If they can pull it off, this soundtrack will be one of the greatest.

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