Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII; Stop the Clock and Make Some Cash

New Information Released on Lightning Returns: FFXIII

New Information Released on Lightning Returns: FFXIII

With the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII hotly anticipated for February 2014 on PS3 and Xbox360, new details are coming thick and fast; from a glimpse of the costumes available with your pre-order depending on where you purchase the game from, to a reveal regarding some of the places Lightning will visit.

Information has been released in the newest issue of Famitsu, and we can look forward to in-depth gameplay, day/night elements through an in-game clock and the looting of money.

The use of a Clock adds a new gameplay element with different events occurring depending on the time of the day. Don’t worry though, during battles the clock will stop to give you enough time to plan your attack without wasting some of the 13 days you have to complete Lightning’s mission.

There will also be some actions that allow you to add time to your clock, such as defeating enemies or completing a quest. After a battle, Lightning can stand still in order to recover any HP she may have lost; sorry guys, automatic recovery is now gone!

Money in the game will also be lootable, giving you the option to grind yourself a fortune. 

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