Lightning Rod Games Unfurls Release Date for A Fold Apart

The paper romance puzzle game launches very soon on Switch, Steam, and Apple Arcade.

Lightning Rod Games announced its romance-and-paper puzzle adventure release date today. A Fold Apart launches on April 17 for Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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The news was accompanied by a gorgeous and bittersweet trailer highlighting the games’ central points: learning to navigate long-distance relationships and solving paper-themed puzzles.

You’ll take control of one of four couples and navigate the highs and lows of keeping that relationship alive when you’re apart. The game is about communication and learning to adapt, as much as its clever puzzles — but it’s about those, too.

A Fold Apart tasks you with solving over 50 of them, some of which actually started as handcrafted paper puzzles in real life. Flipping and folding elements of the paper puzzles helps bring both partners closer together, even if it isn’t literally bridging the distance.

For a game that’s been in development for more than four years, Lightning Rod Co-Founder Mark Laframboise said that he never imagined how the meaning of A Fold Apart would change between inception and release. 

When we first started developing A Fold Apart in 2015, my goal was to tell a touching story about the romantic, sentimental, but fundamentally lonely feelings that my significant other and I experienced while living apart

We never would have imagined that we’d be releasing the game in an environment where nearly all of us around the world are physically separated from loved ones and experiencing that loneliness firsthand.

…Creating A Fold Apart was a way for me to navigate those difficult emotions and I hope that the game can help others find some hope and comfort (and, most importantly, fun!) in these challenging times as well.

GameSkinny Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Moore, explored those emotions firsthand at PAX East, concluding, “I think A Fold Apart will be one of the few games that accurately captures what it’s like to love  no matter the distance.”

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for our review of A Fold Apart on launch day, April 17.

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