Little Friends: Dogs & Cats Brings Nintendogs-Style Fun to the Switch

Imagineer and Soldout are bringing an adorable, Nintendogs-like pet simulator to the Switch this spring.

Since its last installment on the 3DS nearly 10 years ago, Nintendo’s pet-raising simulation series Nintendogs has been rather silent. The game, as well as its spinoff, Nintencats, was noted for letting players interact with their chosen breed or species without having to deal with all the real-world tumult that comes with real, live pets, like allergies, vet visits, and cleaning up poop.

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Many believed the franchise would be a natural fit for the Switch and have wondered about its noticeable absence in the system’s lineup.

Imagineer and Sold Out are seeking to address that perceived problem with their upcoming Little Friends: Dogs and Cats. Based on the same foundation as the Nintendogs games, it, like the more recent Nintendogs+Cats, lets you have dogs and cats in your virtual apartment.

Players can choose from six different dog breeds, such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, and French Bulldog, along with three types of kittens, though no specific cat breeds were named. Apartments can hold up to three pets of any breed and species combination, while the hotel you live in can house up to 12.

Players can utilize the Switch’s touch screen to interact with their pets, for example, playing with toys, giving a friendly pat, or taking them for a walk. Over the course of the game, players can unlock a wide variety of toys and foods to treat their pets with.

Imagineer and Sold Out said the game includes hundreds of different personality characteristics, so like with a real pet, it will take some time to determine what each furry friend likes the best.

Like Nintendogs and Nintencats before it, Little Friends puts a much greater focus on building a relationship with, and understanding, your pet. As such, it’s not likely to cause controversies like some other animal-related games we could mention

Little Friends offers even more customization, though, as you can choose from 600 accessories to dress your pet up with, along with items you can use to decorate your apartment.

There’s no set western release date for Little Friends: Dogs and Cats yet, but the developers said it should be out this spring.

Meanwhile, if you’re attending PAX East, you can check out a demo of the game at booth #24096.

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