Logitech G Reveals New MX518 Gaming Mouse

The classic Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse comes out of retirement, with the same feel and all-new up-to-date features.

The classic Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse comes out of retirement, with the same feel and all-new up-to-date features.
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One of Logitech G’s more appreciated classic gaming mice is making a return. Today, the company announced it is bringing the MX518 out of retirement, but not without a few updates.

Logitech G’s new take on the MX518 features the same classic shape while adding features gamers have come to appreciate since the original was retired. Added to the new MX518 is the company’s HERO 16K sensor. From testing various mice that include the sensor, it’s Logitech’s most accurate gaming sensor, with a capture rate of up to 17,000 frames per second.

Although we’ve not tested this specific mouse, our experience with HERO has mostly puzzled out high precision levels, specifically on the G603.

The MX518 also includes onboard memory that will allow users to save up to five profiles using Logitech Gaming Software or the G HUB. Since these settings are saved to the mouse itself, players can take the peripheral with them and use any of the saved profiles without needing to download software on other computers.

To give players more control over the MX518, Logitech G has added buttons above and below the scroll wheel that allow for DPI adjustment on the fly. Changes to DPI can also be made using the LGS or the G HUB, or players can just opt for one of five default settings straight out of the box.

This being an update to a classic controller, fans won’t have a lot of side buttons to fuss with, but they will have access to eight programmable buttons, which can be used for a variety of commands in game.

As for the rest of the mouse exterior, while it is the same shape as the original MX518, the materials have been updated to give it a more contemporary look.

The Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse is available to preorder now via the Logitech G site, as a price of $59.99.

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