Logitech Leaving the Console Accessory Market

Logitech's console peripheral division's getting the axe due to low sales.

Logitech's console peripheral division's getting the axe due to low sales.

After seeing a decrease in sales across the board over this past third quarter, Logitech is doing some downsizing all across the board. Some divisions of the company are being scaled back while others are being closed entirely, with the console peripheral division falling squarely in the latter category.

Logitech will be shifting their market strategy, according to company president Bracken P. Darrell. He indicates that the company will be putting more focus on tablet and smart phone-related products, while still producing some in-demand PC peripherals. Console-related products and other peripherals will be phased out by the end of 2013.

Third Party Peripheral Party

Third party controllers have been the topic of many a fight among gamers trying to decide who gets which controller. I would always make my little sister use my old Mad Catz Dreamcast controller. I swear it was just made of junk parts and would break if I dropped it.

Logitech devices have been on the higher end of the spectrum among third-party console peripherals (totally different level from Mad Catz), but there isn’t much of a need for them these days. With that said, they did make the best wireless controllers for the PlayStation 2. I guess it’s time to pick a couple up for future use.

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