July has slim pickings with new releases but the next couple months have some great games coming out in all kinds of genres and systems. So here's a refresher on what's to come!

Looking Ahead: August 2016

July has slim pickings with new releases but the next couple months have some great games coming out in all kinds of genres and systems. So here's a refresher on what's to come!

Sadly, July doesn’t have a bunch of huge games to be excited for. But luckily, there’s no shame in looking ahead at what’s to come, and the possible pre-orders that will hit the shelves soon enough. For those who’ve forgotten or have been busy games that are already out, here is a little reminder of some great games coming out next month that you might want to consider saving up for or pre-ordering!

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Release Date: August 2nd
PS4 and Windows PC

The newest game from Giant Squid (which was founded by Flower and Journey art director Matt Nava), the creators of the gorgeous and amazingly touching Journey, Flow and Flower.

This game takes place under the waves and looks so gorgeous, I know that I’m definitely going to buy this game if it’s anything like Journey. There seems to be a lot of promised especially with Austin Wintory, who composed heart-stopping music for Journey.

No Man’s Sky

Release Date: August 9th (August 10th for EU)
PS4 and Windows PC

No Man's Sky Gif

After so many delays, this huge game that features space exploration, space battle, and experiencing various different worlds and lifeforms finally hits stores this August and hopefully the game is everything we have hoped it to be. There hasn’t much since last year’s appearance at E3 so any changes or progress they have made so far hasn’t been revealed to the public.


Release Date: August 16th

This game kind of came out of nowhere, and even had some screen time before Sony’s conference at E3. I actually played the demo of this game at a Best Buy — it’s gorgeous simple and very unique with its own story that I couldn’t piece together alone from the demo.  

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Release Date: August 23rd
Windows, PS4 and XBO

The sequel to Square Enix’s futuristic first person shooting game finally comes to its fans, and it looks like Jensen has a lot of new skills and tools to save the world again. Good to see that Jensen hasn’t been slacking off over the two years between the two games. If you are a fan of the Deus Ex series or a newcomer to it, this game looks very smooth, very flashy — and fingers crossed that this game is as good as, if not better than, the 2011 remake.      

King of Fighters XIV

Release Date: August 23rd

King of Fighters XIV Title Shot

It looks like number fourteen is SNK’s full transition of the King of Fighters series to be completely rendered in 3D. The game looks like it features a boatload of characters to play as from all over the world. The game will have a new unique storyline that has yet to be fully disclosed to the public. The game will also apparently be incorporating a new “Rush” system.

And there are some of the highlights coming out this August!

Some indie games, some bigger names in the industry. Although if you feel like there isn’t a whole bunch out there in August for you, just wait till you see what’s coming this fall! Stay tuned for the upcoming September and October sections of Looking Ahead.

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