Looking for New Online RPG Games? Try Blackguards

Looking for new online RPG games to play? Blackguards is available early for hard core RPG gamers looking for a new adventure quest RPG.
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Blackguards is available for Mac users to head off on an adventure quest RPG, through the Steam Early Access Program.

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One of the newest turn-based online RPG games, Blackguards puts you in the shoes of a killer in trouble with the law for his deeds. You team up with a group of questionable people in order to save the world from a dark evil bent on destruction and control. If you have dreamed about playing new online RPG games, strapping on your weapons and heading out to save the world along side a few questionable characters, Blackguards is the adventure quest RPG you have dreamed about.


Mac users looking for a new online RPG have early access to the first four chapters of Blackguards. They can also influence the development of the game by becoming part of the online community, before the final release of Blackguards later in the month.

Hardcore online RPG gamers can purchase three different editions of Blackguards and they all contain the final product upon release. Blackguards Standard Early Access Edition, Blackguards Early Access Deluxe Edition, and Blackguards Early Access Contributor Edition. Mac users can also purchase exclusive extras only available to people deciding to buy the game early.

If you have been dreaming each night about playing new online RPG games? Drop by The Steam Store Page to get early access to one of the newest online RPG games on the planet.

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