Nintendo says the prolonged coronavirus outbreak could actually impact Nintendo Switch supply in the West.

Looks Like Nintendo Switch Might See Coronavirus Shortages After All

Nintendo says the prolonged coronavirus outbreak could actually impact Nintendo Switch supply in the West.
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Nintendo recently claimed the coronavirus outbreak in China would have no effect on Nintendo Switch production for overseas markets. However, according to a new Bloomberg report, that might not be entirely true.

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The new report comes from insiders with information on the supply chain and production. Nintendo’s main console production facility, they told Bloomberg, is in Vietnam — which tallies with what we reported last year — but a number of factors have slowed the flow of necessary components from China.

However, these sources stressed to Bloomberg that any delays wouldn’t be seen until April, after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Shipments for March won’t be affected.

The virus outbreak is naturally one of those components causing the delay. Technology manufacturers are remaining closed until all danger of the virus spread has passed. The biggest fear is re-opening too soon, only to have another outbreak begin and spread across the factory.

The other issue is supply scarcity in general. We reported on it last week, but essentially, there is high demand for DRAM and NAND flash drive parts because they’re also used in smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers are ramping up production for their own next generation of devices, which worsens the shortage.

Bloomberg’s sources say once manufacturing starts up again, the problem might still persist. Supply was tight before the outbreak, Bloomberg said, and orders might have to be delayed or turned away if demand starts pouring in all at once.

It’s bad news for anyone hoping for a Nintendo Switch in April, but whether it still affects next-gen console production as analysts predict, we’ll have to wait and see.

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