Luigi Takes Over Nintendo of America Twitter Account Today

Luigi takes over Nintendo of America's Twitter account.

Luigi takes over Nintendo of America's Twitter account.

If you’re like me, then you’ve always liked Luigi more than Mario. He has a certain charm about him that is not easy to ignore and almost impossible to hate. Plus, his green clothes are very stylish since everyone knows that green is better than red. I’ve often wished I could talk to the cooler, taller, and younger of the Mario Brothers, but that opportunity never came up…until now.

According to Nintendo of America, Luigi is taking over their official twitter account in celebration of his 30th year making all of us smile and fans will be able to interact with him all day today. In a post made by Luigi himself, he said hello and made the announcement earlier this morning.

A picture of Luigi has also been placed as the profile picture for the Twitter account today. So if you’ve ever wanted to get in touch with him, perhaps over some goomba tea and koopa krisps, then go say hello and help him celebrate 30 years of memorable fun.

So which Mario Brother is your favorite? Comment below!

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