Mabinogi Releases Teaser for Iria Saga

Mabinoji is giving a special tease for upcoming quests on the Iria continent.

Mabinoji is giving a special tease for upcoming quests on the Iria continent.

MMORPG Mabinogi, by Nexon, has released a new trailer for some adventures happening in the land of Iria .

New quests, new series, new adventures

The teaser advertises new adventures which will involve Shamala, a mysterious woman with animal-morphing abilities, suddenly disappearing after her long imprisonment in Cor Village , where she had been purifying demons.

The players are forced to defend the village from the demons. In the ensuing chaos, players meet Milia, who’s got an axe to grind with Shamala and is out for blood.

The official press release doesn’t give much more information than that, but it does promise “new series of quests” to accompany new episodes next week.

The free to play game has had mixed results in the last few years.

It was released for play in Europe in 2010, only to announce two years later that those European servers were being shut down and customer service in that area would be terminated as well. However, it also remains heavily trafficked, with some users complaining that servers are crashing from being overloaded.

The game style involves a point-and-click combat system that is similar to Diablo and Ragnarok Online. The new quests will probably be enticing to established gamers within the Mabinogi community, but is unlikely to draw new users in.

However, it’s always nice to see games add updates, especially for F2P games which have a harder time drumming up excitement and reaching an audience. 

Join the adventure at Mabinogi’s English portal. 

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