Mad Catz Has Its Own Android Console System

Acclaimed hardware maker Mad Catz brought their M.O.J.O. to E3 and soon you can take it home.

Acclaimed hardware maker Mad Catz brought their M.O.J.O. to E3 and soon you can take it home.

One thing that people may be walking away from this year’s E3 show with is the idea that the big three (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) may be losing their stranglehold on the console market.

Big initial costs, high-priced A-list games, fees, and most recently privacy concerns have some gamers looking for other options.

Numerous cloud gaming systems are in development or already available and now upstart console systems seem to be the next wave. OUYA is probably been getting the lion’s share of the attention. But, Playjam’s completely portable GameStick is joining the fray and now, Mad Catz, the makers of third-party game controllers, headsets, and gamer keyboards, etc. have unleashed their M.O.J.O.

Little Box, Lotsa’ Games, BIG Freakin’ Screen!

Just like the OUYA and Game Stick, the whole shooting match is being able to play hot titles in big screen HD format (Like Shadowgun here).

The unit connects via HDMI to any TV and sports twin USB ports for adding hard wiring controllers, keyboard or mice; as well as a headphone jack.

So, we’re talking Bluetooth 4.0, built-in 16GB Storage (2x GameStick’s 8GB), microSD storage, and – drumroll please…

Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor? Maybe. Mad Catz hasn’t actually decided on which chipset, but the Tegra 4 would also mean Nvidia’s Shield technology for full-game HD streaming. So, fingers crossed.

And ALL of that in a box about 5″ square. So, it will tuck under your flat screen out of the way very neatly. 

Come One, Come All

One thing that separates the M.O.J.O. from other open source or Android console devices is that Mad Catz does not require software developers make any changes to make their apps compatible.

So, the entire Android library is yours to plunder (Arrr! Me pirate side showing there).

In fact, if you’re already purchased a game for your Android phone or tablet, you can play it on the M.O.J.O. as soon as you’re up and running.

The unit will likely ship with a Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R. Bluetooth handset. This little beauty wow’ed folks back in January at CES. And Mad Catz hot new gaming mice, the R.A.T.M. and M.O.U.S.9 are also expected to be supported.

Get My M.O.J.O. Workin’

To be competitive with the other new console units, Mad Catz will struggle to keep all of this gaming power under $100.00, but they’ve not yet set a price break.

Currently, the desire to be backward compatible with existing Android games may mean some awkward jockeying using the controller in ‘mouse mode’ for making menu selections, etc.

Minor issues aside this entry into the indy console field looks quite respectable considering the reputation of it’s creator.

Check out some game play from this E3 vid made by Phandroid.

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