Control Mad Max's actions (kind of) in this interactive trailer!

Mad Max “Choose Your Path” Interactive Trailer

Control Mad Max's actions (kind of) in this interactive trailer!

Everybody knows how it goes with Mad Max – you get through by blowing stuff up. Well, with this new interactive trailer that Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros Interactive put together for us, you not only get to see stuff explode, you get to choose how things are going to blow up. 

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That is what Mad Max‘s “Choose Your Path” interactive trailer is all about. The only time anyone can tell Mad Max what to do is when the gamer is in control, and the trailer offers a little taste of that. Although you get to make one of three choices in order to move on throughout the trailer, no matter what you choose, destruction will happen. 

Hey, it’s Mad Max. What did you expect? To give you an example, a few choices you’ll come across are “Go mad”, “Get creative”, or “Bring the chaos”. Personally, all I saw going through the different choices was “Boom”, “More boom”, and “Fiiiiiiiiiiire”. But that’s just me. 

A little reminder

Mad Max is an open world post-apocalyptic game starring a guy named Max who is pretty Mad. His Interceptor gets stolen by a gang of marauders, and he must now go on a journey to get his precious back. Although our hero has the perfect survival instincts to get by every day, all he longs for is the solace the “Plains of Silence” could offer him. 

The game will be released September 3rd on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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