Madden NFL 25 – Precision Modifier, Upgraded Blocking and More

Madden NFL 25 coverage from the EA Sports Opener

This video from the EA Sports Season Opener covers information about Madden NFL 25 with producer Rex Dickson.

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Q. What makes this Madden title different from others in the franchise?

Rex Dickson: Well I think most of all a huge investment game play this year, we’ve doubled the size of our games played team, really gone crazy on, you know just all kinds of gameplay mechanics legacy fixes uh… but the biggest thing as a Precision Modifier action which takes the ball carrier move set from eight moves to over thirty moves. mins.

Q. Can you talk a little bit more about precision modifiers?

Rex Dickson: What it does is… the best backs in the game… the Marcell Washingtons the Adrian Petersons they really have signature style they have head fake jukes and shoulder fake jukes. We really saw a lot of moves that these guys were are doing that were not possible in the game so we went after all their custom signature moves and now you have all these different ways of of faking out defenders and of doing all these different moves. I would make the analogy it’s like going from a box of 8 crayons toolbox of thirty eight crayons and now you have all these different things you can do all these new moves to learn all these new fake outs you can do. It really allows people to express themselves creatively on the sticks when they’re running with the ball in Madden.

Q. Can you talk about how you’ve differed blocking?

Rex Dickson: A huge investment in blocking I think the biggest difference in blocking is it’s it’s designed by a former NFL linemen so everything that you see it looks and feels authentic to the actual game all the movements all the steps it was all built by a guy who’s actually played in league and knows what this stuff is supposed to look like and work like and that’s definitely the biggest addition to our blocking.

Q. What’s most exciting for players to experience?

Rex Dickson: Wow, there is so much you know depending on what kind of player you are the force impact stuff is pretty awesome this year I mean hit stick has been a beloved feature for many many years. This year we’ve sort of re-imagined it and made it more powerful than ever we’d like to think that Madden 25 is the hardest hitting Madden we’ve ever built and then the precision modifier are just making people miss and fakeout and being able to hurdle defenders there’s a whole component of just building your own WOW moments into the game and creating your own beast mode runs and it’s really allows people to get like very creative and develop their own signature styles with the moves.

Q. How is developing a game after 25 Years?

Rex Dickson: Well, it’s you know that’s a great honor to be even associated with the Madden project, you know such a a big epic franchise has been around for so many years as still has millions of dedicated fans on it. It’s just an honor to be a part of Madden 25.

Q. How are you staying true to their teams?

Rex Dickson: Oh man, there is much that goes into a that we’re taking the tack now of really focusing on authenticity and and creating something that is more about a simulation of the actual sport versus like an arcadey kind of style approach. So, staying true to the game means delivering the most authentic experience possible it means leveraging real-world players and real world coaches who come in and advise us, and it also means starting to have players behave like their actual real world counterparts. Whereas you expect Andrian Peterson to do more precision moves where you expect a LeGarrette Blount to do more power moves and tried to deliver on that and more players actually perform what they do in real life that’s all part of the equation.

Q. What’s your most exciting feature that when you got it you were like ‘I want this in the game’?

Rex Dickson: Probably the precision modifier is that feature only because it’s such a compelling sense of this meta game learning all these angles and directions and what moves beat what moves and knowing to hurdle when they dive tackle and knowing not to stiff arm whey they do that and just learning this whole new meta game around running with the ball and making people miss is probably my favorite part.

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