Mafia III trailer: giving life to New Bordeaux

2K Games released the trailer for Mafia III, showcasing the fictionalized New Bordeaux as an important part of the game's story.
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Mafia III‘s setting, New Bordeaux, a fictionalized New Orleans in 1968, is a character itself in the game.

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Official 2K Games made the city come to life with vivid art and vibrant backstories for each of the nine districts that make up the city.

The Bayou, filled with alligators, the Wharf district, or docks, and the Hollow—a poorer district—where the “unintended and lethal anti-hero” Lincoln Clay is from are only a few of the districts.

“New Bordeaux is our New Orleans, but we took all of the best parts and we put it into one place,” Matthias Worch of 2K said in the trailer.

The game, which is scheduled for release in October, allows players to fully explore the city at their leisure.

However, different story beats that occur in the districts unlock new characters that illuminate how the mob works in different parts of the city.

“The city really is a unique character in our game, and city is king for us. It really is important,” Denby Grace from 2K said.

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