Magic Duels finally gets its new set, but there’s a catch

Battle for Zendikar is here...if you play on Steam.

Battle for Zendikar is here...if you play on Steam.

Long overdue, Magic Duels has received its first expansion update. The digital version of Magic: The Gathering was supposed to receive a digital translation of the physical set that released on October 2nd,”Battle for Zendikar,” simultaneously, but there was a significant delay.

Well over a month later, PC users finally have access to the set.

Of note, “Battle for Zendikar” boasts 158 new cards, a hefty amount, but still a surprising step down from the 249 that released in the physical set. The core dynamic is still there, though: heroic allies versus the otherworldly eldrazi. A swarm of little, synergistic creatures against titanic, deadly ones.










If you’ve been playing the game through Xbox One or iOS, however, you’re out of luck.

When Wizards of the Coast announced the release of the new set, they didn’t just tell everyone to boot up the game and enjoy. If you aren’t playing the game on Steam, the update isn’t out yet, and might not be for a while, with the only time-frame being “in the coming weeks.”

And, if you were hoping to play on the PS4 anytime soon, you might want to pick the game up on another system. That release has been delayed to sometime in 2016. 

While Wizards is clearly apologetic in this recent announcement, their future actions will be what will determine whether or not they can maintain a dedicated user base. With “Oath of the Gatewatch,” the next Magic set, to be released January 2016, only two months away, many players are doubtful that Wizards will be able to keep up with their promises.

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