Magicite Madness III on Final Fantasy Wiki

Final Fantasy Wiki has started Magicite Madness III

Final Fantasy Wiki has started Magicite Madness III

The Final Fantasy Wiki is hosting its third Magicite Madness. Magicite Madness is a popularity contest bracketed tournament of Final Fantasy characters. The first Magicite Madness was hosted back in 2007 with 128 characters involved. The second was in 2010, doubling the previous count by bringing 256 characters to the competition. It is now 2013 so the third installment was due, and this year another 128 characters were added, for a grand total of 384.

Previous Tournament Results

The 2007 tournament was won by Vivi Omitier crowning him the first ever champion. The 2010 tournament was won by Terra Branford, giving her the right to challenge the previous champion. The wiki post doesn’t give any details about who won that; in fact they purposefully did not say the result. So anyone who didn’t follow the 2010 tournament can only speculate on the results.

The Who’s Who of Final Fantasy

The tournament brings in classic names, as well as some new. Palpalymo and Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV make an appearance. As these two characters appeared in both 1.0 and A Realm Reborn, I cannot say which they are representing as it doesn’t specify in the brackets.

Several names appeared from Final Fantasy Zero as well, which was a surprise to me. Classics such as Quina, Amarant, and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX are in, as well as Squall and Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII. Final Fantasy Wiki seemed to stray away from the big tournament killers Cloud and Sephiroth, as they would obviously dominate, but they did put in a few surprises such as Moomba, Denzel, Gladiolus, and PuPu.

The Schedule

Starting July 7th, this tournament will be ongoing for four months with a projected end on the week of October 27th, with the winner facing off against Terra. If you want to know more, visit the Final Fantasy Wiki; there you can find the full list of characters, the rules, and a layout for the schedule. May the best Final Fantasy character win!

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