Majora’s Mask New 3DS Sold Out

Special edition sells out so fast you'd think the moon's about to fall on us.

Special edition sells out so fast you'd think the moon's about to fall on us.

Many 3DS users and Nintendo fans are often burned by the fact that they do not live in Japan where the coolest editions of a console are usually exclusively released. But this time around, they get to join the cool kids’ table with their special edition 3DS.

Rejoice Zelda fans, because this time around you guys are getting a special edition New 3DS based on Majora’s Mask. But then prepare to be disappointed as you find out that it is selling out everywhere.

During Nintendo Direct on the 14th, Nintendo announced the release date of the New 3DS and that we would be getting a Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4 special edition of the console.

When GameStop put the Majora’s Mask edition of the New 3DS up for sale online, it took a mere 15 minutes for the console to sell out.

Best Buy also put the special edition console up for sale and is now sold out online.


The special edition console is now unavailable at both retailers, at least online. GameStop only allowed a certain amount preorders on their website. They are offering more special edition consoles through individual stores. So if you want your hands on this glorious special edition console, you should contact your local store and pre-order one if they still have any copies. However if you choose not to step outside of the comfort of your own home, keep your eyes and ears open if any more retailers make the console available via online purchase.

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