Make Your Own Video Game; Without Coding

Game development without the coding?
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It’s been called a gateway drug to game design, and if the concept comes to fruition it very well could be. With the idea that it will eventually be used by children and adults alike, Pixel Press may allow you to draw your own level design and then play that level.

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The future iPhone and iPad app is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and is hoping to reach $100,000 in funds. Pixel  Press has been in the works for three months, and is still in the prototype phase, but the concept is so user friendly and inspiring.

The idea behind Pixel Press is “anybody that’s willing to spend the time to do it is going to be able to make a level,” and comes from creator Robin Raths’ childhood experiences drawing out platformer levels on graph paper. The user will print off two sheets—one where the level design will go, and another with a list of instructions. The design sheet looks a bit like a piece of graph paper separated into five equal sized segments, and the video demonstrates a user sketching out the shape of their platform.  

Pixel Press is designed to be simple to use, and creating a level is intended to be a four step process—“draw,  upload & test, design, play and share.” You’ll be able to upload your own levels as well as play friends’ levels. 

While I’m not sure about the print-out-the-level-designer-then-take-a-picture-of-it-with-your-smartphone aspect of the app, it does look like it has a great deal of potential and could be exceptionally fun. They seem unsure about whether they’re creating this as a tool for adults or a toy for children, though it really could be for both. 

Their Kickstarter is live right now, and you can donate for the next month. Early birds get the opportunity to get the app for $6. And if they reach their stretch goal, they will be making the app for Android devices as well. 

Check out their Kickstarter and website here. 

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