Maplers have a lot to look forward to with this patch, including the Soul Binder class, Maple Arena, and new seasonal events.

MapleStory 2 Skybound Expansion Phase 1 Patch Launches

Maplers have a lot to look forward to with this patch, including the Soul Binder class, Maple Arena, and new seasonal events.
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MapleStory 2‘s chugging along with updates in its first few months, and I think every Mapler with their ear to the ground is pleasantly surprised by Nexon’s communication, particularly Jungsoo Lee‘s openness on Twitter and the company’s overall attention to the community on Reddit and elsewhere.

Today marks the launch of Skybound Expansion Phase 1, the long-awaited patch bringing the Soul Binder class, the new Sky Fortress area with factions to grind up reputation for unique items, Normal Chaos Raids, and finally the PvP Maple Arena.

There is so much to this patch that it’s really faster to just read the patch notes. The guild system has been updated, the Maple Arena focuses on 1v1 battles and has a ladder, Fairfight has been adjusted, Daily Missions have been revamped… Really, just read the patch notes. It’s worth it.

To celebrate, MapleStory 2 is also having a Skybound Celebration event granting players a slew of useful items including a one-use level-up potion to instantly boost a character to 50 (provided one character has reached 60).

An “Experimental” Event to collect Toad’s Toolkits from Hard dungeons will also be running until January 10, which will aid in enchanting gear higher than +10. The enchanting system is currently the community’s biggest complaint, so this is more than welcome.

As if this were not enough, there are even more special happenings in Maple World than this. Merry Village and special seasonal events are also going to be going on starting with Skybound Expansion Phase 1.

Head on over and read those patch notes, Maplers! And get ready for a very busy December in MapleStory 2.

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