Mario vs. Donkey Kong Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024

Mario vs. Donkey Kong isn't getting just a new coat of paint, it's also getting local co-op in this newest remake.

Image via Nintendo

The Mario vs. Donkey Kong series has sort of slipped under the radar over the past two decades despite seeing multiple installments through the Game Boy Advance up to the Wii U and 3DS. If you’ve played them, though, they’re hard to forget! During today’s Nintendo Direct, the publisher announced a remake of the original title for the Nintendo Switch, with its release date set for February 16, 2024.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is primarily a puzzle platformer series and the upcoming remake is no exception. The trailer shown during today’s Direct shows off a handful of the game’s puzzles and just how they work, with a wide variety of puzzle types for players to tackle. And that’s not just “players” in a vague plural sense — the modern graphics aren’t the only upgrade this game’s getting on the Nintendo Switch.

In this version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, you’ll be able to play local co-op with friends and family to figure out the puzzles Donkey Kong has set out for Mario to thwart. We don’t know much about the game’s co-op just yet. Will there be additional content just for content players, have the puzzles been tune for co-op play? Or will co-op be an easier way to complete the game? We’ll have to wait until we’re closer to release to find out more about the game’s new multiplayer offerings.

This isn’t the only reveal they showed during today’s Nintendo Direct. Splatoon 2‘s Side Order DLC received a release date, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is finally getting a release on the Switch in 2024, and Princess Peach: Showtime! was revealed during the presentation with a March 22, 2024 release date. The Nintendo Switch library is getting better every month, it’s hard to say no to all the brand new titles and remakes of stellar classics.

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