Mark Hamill And Kevin Conroy Return As The Joker And Batman In LEGO DC Super-Villains

WB reveals list of top-tier voice actors appearing in LEGO DC Super-Villains.

WB reveals list of top-tier voice actors appearing in LEGO DC Super-Villains.

If you’re a LEGO fan, a DC fan — or better yet, both — there’s a good chance you’re ready to get your hands on LEGO DC Super-Villains, set to release in just a few short weeks. 

Today, Warner Bros. dropped a pretty impressive cast list for the upcoming LEGO DC Super-Villains.  They’ve pulled out the big guns here, casting Michael Ironside as Darkseid, Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Gilbert Gottfried as Mister Mxyzptlk, and (yes) Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back as Batman and The Joker.

As we all know, when it comes to the Dark Knight and his nemesis the Clown Prince of Crime, you can never go wrong with legendary duo of Conry and Hamill.

Of course, LEGO DC Super-Villains is filled with other popular DC characters, too, so there’s a huge list of industry veterans lending their talents to the game. Aside from those listed above, WB also revealed the following actors and actresses will appear take on some of DC’s most beloved characters.

Actor/Actress Character(s) Notable Roles
Fred Tatasciore Clayface, Doomsday, Killer Croc Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, God of War (2018), American Dad!
Gina Torres Superwoman Firefly, Serenity, Suits
Brandon Routh Shazam Superman Returns, Arrow,
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Mark Rolston Deathstroke Aliens, The Departed, Battlefield: Hardline, Injustice: Gods Among Us
Scott Porter Aquaman Marvel’s Spider-Man, Madden NFL 18,
Batman: Arkham Knight
Julie Nathanson Silver Banshee Far Cry 5, Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout 4
Michael Rosenbaum Flash Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Teen Titans, Batman: Arkham Knight
C. Thomas Howell Reverse-Flash   Sons of Anarchy, The Amazing Spider-Man, E.T., Injustice 2
Cissy Jones Lois Lane Life is Strange, Destiny 2, Firewatch, Darksiders 3, World of Warcraft
Clancy Brown Lex Luthor Thor: Ragnarok, Starship Troopers,
Archer, Star Wars: Rebels
Wally Wingert Riddler Invader Zim, Garfield, Bleach, Naruto
Tasia Valenza Poison Ivy Metal Gear Solid, Batman: Arkham Asylum, World of Warcraft, LEGO Dimensions
Tom Kane Commissioner Gordon Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Fortnite,
Robot Chicken, SoulCalibur 4
Lex Lang Deathstorm Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Dragon Ball Super, Pillars of Eternity: The White March
Travis Willingham Superman Batman: A Telltale Series, Team Sonic Racing, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, Knack 2
JB Blanc Penguin, Ra’s al Ghul Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, X-COM 2,
World of Warcraft, Wolfenstein 2
Eric Bauza Mister Freeze Uncle Grandpa, Ben 10, Steven Universe 

It’s a veritable who’s who of the biggest characters in the DC universe, as well as some of gaming Hollywood’s finest.

LEGO DC Super-Villains will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on October 16. Preorders are available now via the game’s official site.

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