Marvel and Aeria Mobile Release X-Men iPhone Game

Marvel Entertainment and Aeria Mobile release new iPhone game app, X-Men: Battle of the Atom

X-Men fans will be happy to hear Marvel Entertainment and Aeria Mobile have joined forces to create the latest X-Men video game, X-men: Battle of the Atom.

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X-Men: Battle of the Atom commemorates five decades of unforgettable entertainment and outstanding development work by people in the comic, movie and interactive entertainment industries. X-Men fanatics will once again experience the thrill and excitement of X-Men characters they fell in love with years ago, including Wolverine, Kitty Pride, Beast, Iceman and more.

“It’s an honor for us to develop a game for such a storied and beloved franchise, one that is a personal favorite of mine,” said Lan Hoang, founder and CEO of Aeria Games. “X-Men: Battle of the Atom captures the amazing artwork and drama of the greatest comic book storylines, bringing them to life with exciting, dynamic battles between dozens of players in real-time.

With the release of X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Aeria Games has done a tremendous job of celebrating 50 years of X-Men,” said Andreea Enache-Thüne, Senior Vice President, Games and Digital Distribution at Marvel Entertainment. “We’re especially excited that the game will include hundreds of characters who have populated the X-Men universe over the years, spanning limitless timelines and alternate realities. Fans will be hard pressed to think of any characters not in the game – and if the characters are not there now, they likely will be eventually via one of the numerous classic story adaptations in store for players. It’s a great time to be an X-Men fan.”

Users deciding to play X-Men: Battle of the Atom will need iTunes 11 to download this free iPhone game app. I expect the action is fast and furious, and the danger exquisite.

Gamers can play over 45 different X-Men adventures in unforgettable team battles to decide the best of the best in the X-Men universe. X-Men: Battle of the Atom will open up a new X-Men world for hard-core gamers to explore playing their favorite characters. If you love the X-Men and playing iPhone game apps, check out X-Men: Battle of the Atom.

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