Marvel Super Heroes Are Coming to Disney Infinity This Fall

Disney has now officially confirmed Marvel Super Heroes for Disney Infinity.

Disney has now officially confirmed Marvel Super Heroes for Disney Infinity.
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Disney’s Los Angelos PR event for Disney Infinity has answered the question every fan of Infinity has asked: When will the Avengers come to Infinity? Now we know that coming this Fall, over eighteen Marvel characters (and some more Disney characters) will be available.

During the stream, the full Captain America Shield trailer was shown, carrying beyond the initial teaser. Curiously enough both Stitch and Maleficent were hinted as being new characters. In addition to them, the marvel roster looks to be including in one form or another:

  • Captain America (playable)
  • Nick Fury (playable)
  • Iron Man (playable)
  • Hawkeye (playable)
  • The Hulk (playable)
  • Black Widow (playable)
  • Thor (playable)
  • Frost Giants (as non-playable enemies)
  • Loki (possibly playable)
  • Modok (possibly payable)
  • Rocket Racoon (shown in trailer with Groot, possibly playable as individuals or one combo character)
  • Groot (shown in trailer with Rocket Raccoon, possibly playable as individuals or one combo character)
  • Green Goblin (Ultimate Spider-Man Animated version, possibly playable)
  • Spider-Man (Ultimate Spider-Man Animated version, playable)
  • Winter Soldier (possibly as a sidekick)
  • Iron Patriot (confirmed as a sidekick)

In addition to all the characters being shown in the trailer, several character models were shown for the main Avengers and their final statues.





In addition to the various new characters, the developers from Avalanche Studios went on to explain the new elements of Disney Infinity 2.0. Confirming suspicions, the new engine will be leaving the Wii behind for the Wii-U and other next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One will now be supported as well. Updates for 2.0 will also carry over to the game’s iPad version and the free PC version of the game. 


Version 2.0 will expand level sizes and is including a host of new features for Toybox modes and abilities. New games within the game are to be included, starting with an Asgardian tower defense game akin to Orcs Must Die! and a randomly generated dungeon crawler. More game modes like these will be released in a similar fashion to the power disc packs. For those who prefer their own custom game modes but need help getting started, new features have been added on this side of play as well.


Worlds can now be auto generated with a simple drag and spawn tool that creates entire levels that you can then further customize. Want a city? Done in a flash. You can also spawn little NPCs that build additional content you can delete or tweak in your world. For those having trouble creating game types, presets with all the needed assets and triggers are ready to go.


Want a scavenger hunt? Now you just have to hide the orbs. Want a race? You’ve got all the cars and your starting line. The ability to create more complex modes is still there, and Avalanche has even announced they are now picking the best and brightest from the community to join them as staff, but their simpler game mode ideas are much more accessible now.


However, despite the reveal that a Lightsaber can be unlocked in the original game, and it being shown in one of the images during the presentation, we have no word on when the Star Wars figures will inevitably release.

What Marvel heroes are you hoping to play as in Disney Infinity? Will you make the jump to next-gen with Version 2.0? Let us know in the comments below!


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