Andromeda's troubles aren't over yet, as insider reports indicate that it's missing the DLC train.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Be Getting Any Single-Player DLC

Andromeda's troubles aren't over yet, as insider reports indicate that it's missing the DLC train.

To say Mass Effect: Andromeda has had issues is an understatement. With a rough pre-release period, obnoxious YouTube advertisements, and a horde of glitches and bugs on release, BioWare seems to have had a tough time with Andromeda. And according to a recent report by Kotaku, it seems that those troubles aren’t over yet. 

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A recent hoax on Facebook made the rounds recently, claiming to be from a company named Sinclair Studios. They claimed to have been working on DLC for Andromeda, but that they were told to cease production on it.

These claims ended up being a hoax, but inside sources Kotaku spoke to have said that while the Facebook post is false, Andromeda not getting DLC is true — at least partially true. Reporter Jason Schreier claims to have spoken to three separate people working within BioWare, who have all confirmed the same thing — Andromeda‘s hopes for single-player DLC are shot.

Not only that, it was also mentioned that plans for a potential sequel were shot down. BioWare hasn’t taken Andromeda‘s lackluster launch well, it seems.

The news, while no doubt disappointing to fans of the Mass Effect franchise, comes as no surprise. Earlier this year, BioWare divided up its Montreal team, splitting them up amongst other projects after Andromeda’s less than stellar reception. All that remains of the Andromeda team is a skeleton crew. Enough for some patches and cleanup, but as many correctly guessed, not enough for any substantial new content.

Coupled with recent mentions that Bioware is putting Mass Effect on the back burner, it seems that the franchise’s future is murky indeed. Could Andromeda‘s rough landing really have put the franchise itself in jeopardy? For now, all we can do is wait and see.

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