Mass Effect Ride Coming Soon

Mass Effect is releasing a theme park ride, to be opened on May 18th.

Mass Effect will be opening up a new Theme Park ride at Great America in Santa Carla, CA. It will launch on May 18th of this month and is called Mass Effect: New Earth 4D.  

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 This up close and personal experience will place you on the Normandy with Commander Shepard. A live action performer will be playing the part of captain on your voyage while interacting with the holographic screen. You, along with the other ride participants, will be seated in an 80 seat theater equipped with motion seats, wind effects, water, leg pokers, neck tinglers, and surround sound. 

“It’s very important that we create an attraction that fits seamlessly in the world of Mass Effect, while including the elements we know are critical to making a good amusement park experience. We want to ensure that dedicated fans and park-goers being introduced to the franchise alike walk away thrilled and excited.”

— Christian Dieckmann, Corporate Vice President of Strategic Growth at Cedar Fair Entertainment

Also to come to Great America theme park rides are Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed. Nintendo may also soon be in the mix of up and coming attractions. The new Mass Effect game, Andromeda, is set to release sometime next year. 

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