Maxis Developers Jumping Ship to Form Jellygrade

Things just got more real for some of the minds behind SimCity.

Things just got more real for some of the minds behind SimCity.

Twitter had the breaking news as three former lead developers from Maxis, a division of EA, are forming their own start-up company.

Ocean Quigley, former creative director, was part of the team that created classics like SPORE and the recent SimCity (2013). He’s been with Maxis for 18 years. Unfortunately, the latest SimCity incarnation was not well-received.

Server problems and issues with forced dependency and DRM led to a tepid reception as well as harsh and negative reviews. It may have been the catalyst for his resignation, though Quigley indicated that he likely already heading out the door.

“I was dismayed at the blundered launch of something that I had poured so much love and attention into.”

Joining him in the exodus was Andrew Willmott, the former lead architect on SimCity (2013). He was part of Maxis’ design teams for SPORE, SimCity 4 and the very popular The Sims 2.

Dan Moskowitz, former lead gameplay engineer who worked on SPORE and the most recent SimCity game, is also part of their new team.

In the New Beginning

Jellygrade will be a mobile game company with the goal of producing the AAA level simulation games the founders were known for and loved to create.

Their most recent announcements revolve around their first project, which will be an early Earth simulator for the iPad. Players will be able to manipulate magma, water, and rock to eventually form elements and life forms themselves. This genesis as it were seems quite ironically chosen as the company has its own genesis.

You can follow their progress at and @jellygrade

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