Maxis Wants Trust Back, No Intention of Removing SimCity Online Aspect

You get a free game for your inconvenience! Hurrah?

You get a free game for your inconvenience! Hurrah?
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We’ve covered the fact that SimCity was built around being online, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when Maxis claims that they have no intention of taking the game offline. They want you to trust them, though — so those of you who were affected by server issues will be getting a free game.

A few days ago, the SimCity Twitter posted the following tweet:

If they have no intention of developing an offline mode, how are they going to look into it? I suppose the wording of the above bothers me because it reflects the same type of backhanded dealings with the fanbase they have had during this entire debacle.

A follow-up tweet claims that those affected will be receiving a free game of their choice, though more information on that will be given on March 18.

There is no doubt that they are working on making SimCity available to everyone who purchased, and their Twitter is full of updates on servers being taken down, upgraded, and put back up.

I ask you, fellow gamers:

Is this enough for you?
Does having the server issues fixed after the fact erase EA’s blatant disrespect of the consumer last week?

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