MechWarrior Online: The Spider Mech and Double XP Weekend

MechWarrior Online's latest patch introduces a new Mech, some new equipment and a host of other changes, just in time for a Double XP weekend from 18-21 Jan.

MechWarrior Online, the futuristic team-based shooter that sees giant BattleMechs of the 31st century pitted against each other across a variety of battlefields, has announced its first ever double XP event, lasting for 3 days starting Friday 18th January at 10am PST and ending at 10am PST the following Monday.

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This will give Mech pilots the opportunity to test out the latest changes resulting from MechWarrior Online‘s 8th patch, delivered on 15th January. Patch number 1.2.177 features a new Mech, some additional equipment, a new paint-job and a host of tweaks and fixes.

Here’s a brief overview of the changelog:


New BattleMech
  • Three variations of a high-speed Spider light Mech enables pilots to take control of the “most maneuverable and agile of all Light Mechs with a whopping eight jumpjets”. [MechWarrior Online: Taking bunnyhopping to a whole new level.]

NOTE: We have noticed in testing some isolated cases of the Spider rubberbanding. If it appears on the live servers to an extreme level, we will either limit the speeds the Spider is capable of or pull the Spider until a fix for it is in place. [Not the sales pitch Nimakachi would’ve chosen, I’m sure.]

New Modules
  • New Pilot Module: Target Decay. Target Decay increases the time it takes to lose a target once line of sight is lost to 3.5 seconds at Rank 2. Default time is 2 seconds. [Necromancy comes to the InnerSphere?]
  • Adding a second rank to the Sensor Range Pilot Module allowing a range boost from 15% to 25% [Allowing you to foresee your own doom that much quicker.]
New Skin Package
  • Woodland Pattern Added for all mechs. [It’s a giant bear costume.]
  • River City has had a performance pass [The acting classes must’ve paid off.]
Bug Fixes
  • Tag/Narc XP and CBills Bonus
  • Assault 2,500 CBills, 25XP
  • Conquest 1,250 CBills, 25XP
  • When you pick a faction on the website the image in the front end will match the correct faction.
  • Numerous front end bug fixes. [But your back end bug looks perfect.]
  • Fixed an issue where the match wouldn’t end if a user disconnected. [The server has been told to stop sulking.]
  • Users that disconnect and die afterwards will now get a death counted towards their stats. [In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and disconnects.]
  • Re-enable ambient temperature in Frozen City and Forest Colony.
  • Create new mini map for River City, shows the correct out of bounds now.
  • New layout
  • Carousel re-sized, new buttons added, progress messages relocated, new art in places, and RSS feed added.
  • RSS Feed
  • The official MWOMercs Live Feed is now embedded into the patcher.
  • Option to auto-patch
  • If a new patch is found and this option is enabled, patching will start as soon as the patcher is opened.
  • Can be enabled in the options menu (accessed via the little “gears” button on the top right, next to the close/minimize buttons).
  • Combined patch types (no in-game)
  • In-game patches were performing terribly due to the overhead of the game itself, so patcher and in-game patches have been combined into a single patch type.
  • General bug fixes [But he really should learn to delegate.]


Source: MechWarrior Online News



Source: MechWarrior Online Patch Notes

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