Get a femur up on your opponents with MediEvil's new instructional mini-series, A Bonehead's Guide to Gallowmere.

MediEvil Gallowmere Survival Guide Gets Your Bones Moving for October 25

Get a femur up on your opponents with MediEvil's new instructional mini-series, A Bonehead's Guide to Gallowmere.

Who needs instruction manuals when you can make a video series showing the same thing? That’s probably the guiding idea behind Sony Interactive Entertainment’s latest push for the upcoming MediEvil remake for the PlayStation 4.

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SIE recently released two short videos in a series called “A Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere.” The trailers showcase some of the basics you’ll need to master if you want to survive — if an undead skeleton can survive? — for very long in Gallowmere.

First up is the shield instruction video. Every good knight needs a sturdy shield, and Sir Daniel Fortesque is no different. His shields can even repel giant rocks, he’s that good.

The trouble is actually finding a shield and then not letting it break.

The next video guide covers the game’s two main perspectives: overhead, similar to the PSX original, and over the shoulder.

The over the shoulder perspective gives players a much different view of Gallowmere, showing off the richly detailed environments and character models, plus lending a completely different air to the game’s action.

These modes can be swapped at will, whether you just want to change things up or genuinely need to get a different view of the world around you.

MediEvil on PS4 launches October 25. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, check out our MediEvil pre-order guide to find out where you can snag it before release.

For even more, be sure to head over to our PAX West impressions of the game to see why this is nostalgia-trip is worth keeping an eye on. 

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