Meet N’ Greet the Guild Wars Team

Arenanet is hosting a meet and greet in Seattle for fans, complete with Q&A and raffles.

Arenanet has been good about keeping in open communication with its player base.  Now they’re going a bit further than even they have before.  They are hosting a meet and greet gathering for fans of Guild Wars 2 in Seattle, WA to get a chance to talk to members of the game’s development and community teams.

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Food and drinks will be available and the location is the Tap House Grill, so more can be attained for those in need.  Aside from hanging out with fans and generally having a good time, the staff of Arenanet will also be having a Q&A session where the fan attendees will be able to ask whatever they want of the developers.

Figure out some good questions and maybe, just maybe you can get them to slip up and say something they’re not supposed to.

They’ll also have raffles running for Guild Wars 2 mice and headsets, so be sure to keep your fingers crossed for more than just spoilers.  Most importantly, if you’re in the Seattle area and can attend, have fun and let the rest of us know what you learned!

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